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September 09, 2007


After a few ales, you understand the reasoning behind the scary signage:




With some exceptions:




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GOOD GOD! those drunken Brits must always be falling on their arses, huh?

judi, I'm sure YOU didn't need to worry about that.

DNA Property Marking? WTFBBQ?


Is the slippery surface one with the puddle posted in the mens loo?

Things are looking up!

No, it's at the personal lubricant wrestling salon and dogwash. And internet cafe.

judi, since you were walking through the streets of Soho (in the rain?) did you find a place called Lee Ho Fook, maybe get a big dish of beef chow mein?


Wait! What the heck is DNA property marking? Do they have specific CSI units that come out and take samples when somebody pisses on your petunias in a drunken stupor? Bet CSI London is a bit of a snooze if thats the case.

Look familiar?

Lee Ho Fook is right around the corner.

Any sightings of the Luftwaffe, Twiggy or a Kink?

Siouxie: Mmmmmm, barbecue DNA... [drool]

yeah, i ate at lee ho fook last time i was there. it sucked. this time i ate at 'golden dragon' which REALLY REALLY REALLY sucked. so never ever go there. the one on the corner, tho? right when you turn into chinatown? that's a good place. go there instead.

I think I've been left menus from those places.

judi, maybe it's not a good idea to eat Chinese in England?? But then again, their choice of food, IMHO, is not too appetizing. I've never been there, but it just doesn't appeal to me. I'd go for the beer ;-)

They should have a sign with a golden dragon on it puking. I too, wonder what DNA property marking is? I picture people pissing on their lawns, marking their territory.

Speaking of food...my friends and I went to this place last night. It's a New Orleans type restaurant. The Chef closed down his place in the French Quarter after Katrina and moved to Miami. It's only been here about two months and the food is OUT OF THIS WORLD! I highly recommend it - judi, Dave and any Miami people.

Christabelles Quarter.

I had one good meal the week I was in London. It was at a teahouse across the street from Harrod's and I think it may have been a watercress sandwich with the crust cut off.

The best meal I had in London was Indian. (Dots, not feathers) Yummy curry.

we had GREAT meals every other time ;) one of our faves was at an indian restaurant called (no, i'm not kidding) Standard Indian Restaurant, on westbourne grove. yummy and (relatively) cheap. we had two fabulous italian meals. quite a few great pub meals. not to mention beer.

Aww, I think English food can be better than people think. I mean, sure, things like deep-fried Mars Bar are gross, but there's plenty of good stuff if you avoid the places where the tourists go. 'Course, I'm a Limey by birth and grew up on things like Toad-in-the-hole (otherwise known as Frog in a bog), so maybe my perception is skewed.


If anyone needs me...I'll be watching the Twatney trainwreck the VMA's opening act.


HOLY GOD! *flips the channel to what once was a very trend setting network.*

Other than the song sucking and her lip syncing, she didn't come off all that bad. Half expected her to take a header wearing those high heel boots.

Hey, Doc Rick!

Final Score: University of Texas 34, TCU 13.


That. Is. All.

Wasn't that blue sign with the white arrow last seen in Greece? When Dave was at the Olympics?

Yeah. here it is.


...and not a 'piso mojado' sign in the bunch...

my boyfriend is so dumb...he saw a sign that said "Wet Floor" so he did!

pssst, Siouxie - VMAs are on here in a couple of hours. Shall I watch?

EL, Twatney sucked..which we all knew she would. I put it on mute after that. I am painting my nails now...so that should answer your question.

Thanks. I'll watch the new HBO program that I hear has graphic sex including full frontal - of both genders, IYCMD!

*zips out*

no, the place to eat in London's Chinatown is Wong Kei's. But bring cash.

Ducky, I think I will borrow my step son's catchphrase..."Scoreboard Texas!". Everyone knows that a Horned Frog is no match for a Longhorn *unless it was during the L.Tomilinson era at TCU*. Bring on the Oklahoma dirt farmers known as the Sooners!

And apparently I really need to re-subscribe to HBO. Dangit!

Doc Rick, OU look formidable so far. UT has so many youngsters, both on offense and defense, that this may be one of those "rebuilding years" for the Longhorns. They have lots of talent, but not much experience.

And TCU is working on becoming a darn good program.

*tosses an "s" up there* All that talk about Chinese food has affected my typing.

"my boyfriend is so dumb...he saw a sign that said 'Wet Floor' so he did!"

Geez, thanks for making me feel old, insom. I remember when she said that, on the Tonight show. She was talking about Bo Derek, as I recall. Same era as when she said her friend the slut Heidi Abramowitz pasted a picture of Tom Selleck's face on her bicycle seat.

We never actually ate in Lee Ho Fook, which I've heard was mediocre - just went to see the Warren Zevon album in the window. There are a couple of other Chinese places that aren't bad. As Punkin said, (ditto judi) the way to go is Indian, which is like our Chinese in number & quality of restaurants (so you need to hit the right one).

English food is much better than when we started going in the 70s, but usually it's best to go ethnic. Italian or fish & chips places are also good.

Siouxie, that New Orleans place looks good.

And *snork* at Lairbo for I think I've been left menus from those places, a sentiment any New Yorker would understand.

As for Brit, the consensus seems to be that she "phoned it in."

That HBO sex show - not really our taste (so to speak) but we'll give it another try. It was more graphic (and not always in a good way IYKWIM - think "bounching balls") than really necessary, and while it may be nice that "older" people are having sex I don't necessarily need to watch them.

But I know critics liked it so this is just my own idiosyncratic view.

Brit review:

Somewhere, Kevin Federline is laughing. An out-of-shape, out-of-touch Britney Spears delivered what was destined to be the most talked about performance of the MTV Video Music Awards - but for all the wrong reasons.

Kicking off the show Sunday night with her new single, "Gimme More," Spears looked bleary and unprepared, much like her recent tabloid exploits on the streets of Los Angeles. She walked through her dance moves with little enthusiasm. She appeared to have forgotten the art of lip-synching. And, perhaps most unforgivable given her once-taut frame, she looked embarrassingly out of shape.

Even the celebrity-studded audience seemed bewildered. 50 Cent looked at Spears with a confused look on his face; Diddy, her new best friend, was expressionless.

Some comeback. Breathlessly hyped by MTV as the evening's most anticipated performance, it became the most shockingly bad of the night. Jive Records might want to push back that Nov. 13 album release date.


siouxie that restaurant looks/sounds splendid!

Jeff, part of me wanted this girl to do a decent job at it and I kept waiting for her to "snap out of it" while she performed. Never happened. She barely went through the motions and like that article said, forgot how to lip-sync. How sad.

cg, it is. if you guys come down and are in the mood for it, I'll take you.

I knew it would be bad, Siouxie, when I read beforehand that to "get ready" for the show, Brit didn't eat for three days. Appanrently she was living on frozen margaritas.

NTTAWWT in general, but in this case not so much.

siouxie, i'd embarrass you by roaming around looking at everything and wanting to try your food!

Good morning, all. I'm down to 45 posts behind and waiting for youngest daughter to get up so we can go to the gym. My motivation is... low.

cg, well all did that. we tried each other's food, it was so good LOL. I don't embarrass easily.

Mornin' Scott!! keep up the good work!

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