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September 20, 2007


Vet extracts toy lizard from real lizard

(Thanks to Ted Habte-Gabr)


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I can't link. This sounds too gross.

*zips out to another thread*

Glad this scene was cut from "Toy Story".

And from the lizard came forth the lizard!


or was Mushu male???

Talk about your roughage!

Florida. How surprising.

Definitely blame the weirdness magnet for that one....Ewwww.. Why did the bearded lizard eat the non-bearded, albeit plastic lizard? Just because it was there? Not enough information...

"Exit the Dragon."

That's better than what Rich@rd Gere managed.....

major snork @ CJ. sounds painful.

*SNORK!*@CJ and Lizzie the namekeeper.

lmao CJ!

Mushu: Hey, Larry, hold my lizard-beer and watch this!

Meanie, go to your room!

Good one, cj. Breakfast of Chameleons?

Glad this scene was cut from "Toy Story".
Great movie, wd. "There's a snake in my booty!!"

I've heard that dragon tails can be worn for good luck.

Annie, and you believed blurk????

Annie, did it work?

I consider blurkie to be a pretty lucky guy, so yes, you could say it worked.

*dead silence*

"Plastic, fantastic lover!", Mushu Slick.

"Plastic, fantastic lover!", Mushu Slick.

Geezer Alert! and D_mned bot which I've never had to blame for double postings because it was always my fault before today.

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