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September 24, 2007


Strumpet. Strumpet.

Also, of course, strumpet.


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Avoiding the Left Coast, are we Dave?

oooooooooooooh! i have disney tix. maybe i can see dave & ridley in adventureland!

There's a whole middle section of this country too, ya know.

It's not an *interesting* section, but it's here.

Good morning!! I'm listening! Course this is the morning show I ALWAYS listen to...

Mornin', all. Dave's on a strumpet marathon. Did he write a book or something?

BTW, I just finished (my signed copy of History of the Millenium. A SNORK on every page.

angie - That's my favorite part of the country. It's where the "real people" are.

judi, I thought your were going here with your last "strumpet" comment.

takes back an 'r'

is it over??? I got to work and couldn't get online till now...dangit!

what did I miss?? judi, did he mention Plantation???

*zips in*™

If Sioux missed it I'm sure I did too.:(

*wonders if he gave a special shout out to Eleanor* :)

For major media outlets, those are some REALLY bad web sites.

I'm sure he did, El...right after mine ;-P

I didn't listen to all of it, since I was running around getting ready for work, etc. What I did hear was super funny, of course.

*loves Dave some zinc and echinacea, and also chicken soup, since it can't hurt*

Dave, I swear by Zicam™. I use the nasal swabs at the first twinge of a cold and it never really develops after that!

Howevevr, if a cold should take hold, I drown it w/ hot cider & rum!

*hoovers out that extraneous "V" up there^*

Please don't waste V's. I use a lot of them!

this hoo ering has got to stop! i was reading " " by thomas pynchon...

oops.....I'm ery sorry.

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