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September 21, 2007


But a good name for a rock band: Mystery Goo and the Core Samples

(Their first single: Strange Seepage)


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Have you been peeking at my smear reports?

it's san francisco, i am not surprised

they have all kinds of goo up there

*reads story*


It's not just a mysterious, greasy goo, it's a dessert topping!

sounds like a good job site for cj.

Lol keilworth.

Roll up. Roll up for the mystery goo. Step right around it.

Looks like an issue for The Ghost Busters!!!

too bad it's not gooey gooey blue goo, for chewy chewing.

Paging Eleanor, paging Eleanor. We have a law suit against a large government body with loads a cash.

Too bad they're not playing Kingdom Hearts...Mystery Goo is hard to come by! (And required to make the Ultimate Weapon for Sora!)

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