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September 21, 2007


(Thanks to Layla Bohm)


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Why did they use a picture that made the plaintiff, an agnostic, look like he has a halo?

Shame God didn't leave an address. Or a phone number.

Actually it's a shame that God is dealing through the courts rather than dealing with this fool directly - by way of lightning bolt.

He looks suspiciously like Morgan Freeman.

I had a similar thought, Al. I expected a headline this morning like, "Freak Tsunami Hits Nebraska."

I had seen a different picture of the same scene. I've been trying to figure out what his halo is. Looks like the top of a beauty shop hairdryer or something.

Apparently God does have legal representation in Corpus Christi, TX...which does make sense, I suppose.

gjd: isn't it a fan?

Please keep me posted, Dave.

How come when things are going great, it's all because of ME and when things are looking dim it happens to be God's fault? I've never understood how we can want someone out of everything we do so much and then blame Him when He obliges.

"I refuse to answer on the grounds I will TOTALLY incriminate myself."

Perhaps a lot of people would say to God, "I saw all those people suffering. Why didn't you help?" And God might just answer, "If you saw they needed help, why didn't you help them either? And you blame me?"

Yes, but suing the Eiffel Tower?

Punkin, I always suspected, but now I KNOW. ;-)

gjd - LOL @ Corpus Christi connection. Know your Latin, do ya?

As I say on my freeway signs: Keep complaining, and I'll make your rush hour longer.

Don't think I can? Look what I did to the Chicago Cubs. They doubted me, too.

Yeah, well, you apparently let Boston get past ya...

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