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September 21, 2007


We don't know about you, but when we hear that term, we think of, you know, like, a piece of jewelry or a portrait or something.

(Thanks to ellie and Kathybear)


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and here i was creeped out by a heirloom locket my mother has that contains a lock of hair.

"I've never treated him like a joke. No weirdness was going on,"

I wanna know what, exactly WOULD be his idea of weirdness???

Are these people perhaps related to the Addams family?

Or maybe a stamp?

No weirdness was going on," Peavey said.

"Oh, yes it was," everybody else in the world said.

Actually, let's not be too hard on Peavey. I understand he's a real nice guy. In fact he has the heart of a young boy!

Mahatma, I'm pi$$ed. They lure you in with a mummified skull and all you get to see is a stupid stamp.

Maybe they thought it was the original troll doll.

"Dessicated To The One I Love"

*snork* @ fivver

What am I, ellie? Chopped fivver?

CP: yeah, me too. Don't know what's the deal with that.

LOL! In all fairness, I didn't see your post, SW. You are very punny too!

A well deserved *snork* for you as well.

"Peavey! Put your great uncle back in that box and sweep up all these crunchy-baby crumbs!"

Okay, my family seems a bit more normal today.

*smacks sw for intimidation of a newbie*
My right hook is getting quite the workout already today.

Wow! I always KNEW Mom was God!!!!

Oh, baby!

(And I have to *snork* at the "dried fish as a pet" reference)

Yup. Sounds fishy to me!

Yeah, Pirate, I *snorked*(and worse) at the " dried fish as a pet" line...Why do you think I sent it to the SB?

Yep[, Pirate, I had to *snork* (and worse) at the "dried fish as a pet" remark. Then again, why do you think I sent it? :-\ By the way, the emotican is 25...:-) Just sayin'...

Dang, the bot must be hangin' on to the comments today - I posted the one and came baqck and saw it wasnb't there and posted the other, then < Shazam! >
There they both are... I'm getting very confused...

*sigh* I finally get back here and damn near everyone beats me to the key quote, "No weirdness was going on,"

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