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September 19, 2007




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mornin'! ;)

Hey you two, go to bed. You'll need to be rested up for the plunder'n tomorrrrrrrrrow.

or Today as you are in EST. Dave, you gotta be up in like 20 minutes or something....

I thought it was a requirement that unless you played "FULL" time in a rock 'n roll band that lights out occurred @ dark :30 for 60 year olds. Seriously, my dad finds out about this and my inheritance is shot tomorrow.

AARP members staying up past midnight on a weekday! Seriously Dave, you are setting a bad example for slightly older than middle-aged men everywhere. For shame Sir. For SHAME!!!!!

Shiver me timbers!!! You got night watch, drinking me grog or floggin' some deservin' lad, Cap'n judi?

Er Doc, dont ya mean "Aye, seriously, my dad finds out about this and my inheritance is shot tomorrow. Ye'll ne'er get me buried booty!"

Er Doc, dont ya mean "Aye, seriously, my dad finds out about this and my inheritance is shot tomorrow. Ye'll ne'er get me buried booty!"

Aye, me hate the bot. Aye, me parrot concurs.

I wonder....

11:00 am - Chloe, Morris, Jack 'n Bill are standin' in an cabin parkin' lot. Jack be still wearin' th' Batman costume. A tall scallywag standin' next t' his car in th' parkin' lot looks mighty startled at seein' th' group appear out o' nowhere. He slowly starts walkin' towards th' buildin', 'n then when he thinks he can make it, runs fer th' buildin' 'n goes inside yellin', "€œMICHAEL!"


Well, it's not midnight here so to speak the language of the sea before the Witching hour is bad luck. Therefore, I shall abstain until said hour.

Arrr, it has promise Ste'e.

Doc, does that stand true for "It's noon somewhere?" too.

Ale is allowed at all times of the day. To besmirch the most wonderful day of the year before it starts is blasphemy.

arrrrr! it be as quiet on the night watch as that football feller, o.j.simpkins, at confession time!

there's nary a blog grog flogger in sight!

Aaaaar, as it's now 12:36 on the plunderin' coast I can speak the tongue of the sea. I'll be settin' sail for NYC in the marnin'. I'll be sackin' Barnes & Nobele's in search of Dave's autograph (and photograph if His Blogness is so inclined). I'll be runnin' his blue shirt up the mizzin mast a'fore makin' him walk the plank to the bar to buy a round of grogs.

Dave - should I get there 3 minutes early to avoid the line????

Ah Heck! Screw it! It be quieter than a lippy whore visiting Davy Jones locker.

Okay, that might have been a bit TOO piratey, but it's late and I dislike all things Pittsburgh.

It's only a quarter to eleven in the Rockies, far from the bounding main.

yet perhaps tomorrow, Howard Pyle might find a few picturesque souls wandering about. but not yet.

g'night, all.

I get TV feeds from all the time zones thru my satellite dish, so let me be the first to say...the Today show appearance was great!

Scurrrvy faceless currr - joshing about bending time on such a primetime ocurrrrrence be gettin' you nothing if not a walk on the Planck.

Avast and yadda yadda - don't even think of droppin' anchor here.

Yo ho ho, barely covers your bum

(Planck link bad)

Bum coverage depends on the size of the yo and the ho.

OT for a moment (again) - a few years ago, a good friend of mine's dad had a stroke and was hospitalized. The stroke robbed him of his ability to sing, one of his life's passions. His roommate, a young man named Matt, sang for him and helped ease his pain before my friend's dad passed on.
Matt is a young man who was diagnosed with MS 7 years ago (they thought he'd never walk again) and was just wonderful to my friend's dad. The whole family felt so much better that he was there.

Now Matt is in a competition to sing during the 7th inning stretch at a Cubs' game. He's a little nervous in the audition tape, but he's a wonderful singer and an even kinder heart. Please vote and help him win. Thanks. What an easy way to make a difference in a good person's life, right?
You can watch the video and vote at the same place.
Vote for Matt!

Arrrrr, Planck for sw to walk. A vast slumber awaits me. Vote for Matt, lest ye be a slack-jawed, heartless land flubber.

1. I just did. Nice.

2. Lol mm

4. Dave on NPR from the other day. (It's big - 22mb - so save first, then play, if you can).


Thanks, SW. Now git yer sorry booty back to swabbin' the deck.

I thought you went to bed. Don't you need your booty sleep? Gotta get your money's worth out of those g-strings.

yarrrr... definitely arrrr!

Yarr, there be plunder to be pilfered! Ahoy!

"Is the poop deck really what I think it is?"

Arrr. 4 bells mates, turn too!

Ahoy, me hearties!! Nearly 6 bells and me eye is drooping wit' me sails. That blaggard Darwin fought like a scalawag but not up t'me skills. I'll feed me parrot n' off to me bunk.


. _ |
b |

Consider th' followin' a very short sea chantey:

I acted th' salty old tarrrrr
And summoned me wife from afarrrrr.
"Me thirst I must quench!
Go fetch me grog, wench!"
By thunder, I still have a scarrrrr.

The sun be comin up on old Salem, Massachusetts, and I be proud to bid it a hearty good day, arrrrrrr. It'll be a fine day for wenchin and groggin, savvy?

Who be these lubbers that think bells be the same as hours? We'll be keel-haulin' yee!

PETER, PAUL AND MARY - The Eddystone Light Lyrics

(Traditional, new words and music by Yarrow, Stookey, Travers)
Oh, me father was the keeper of the eddystone light
And he slept with a mermaid one fine night
From this union there came three
A porpoise and a porgy and the other was me

Yo ho ho, the wind blows free, oh for the life on the rolling sea

One day as I was a-trimmin' the glim
Humming a tune from the evening hymn
A voice from the starboard shouted, "Ahoy!"
And there was me mother a-sittin' on the buoy


"Oh what has become of me children three?"
Me mother then she asked of me
One was exhibited as a talking fish
The other was served in a chafing dish


Then the phosporus flashed in her seaweed hair
I looked again, but me mother wasn't there
But I heard her voice echoing back through the night:
"The devil take the keeper of the Eddystone light!"



Aaaaarh!! Avast ya landlubbers! Had me some moldy bread and measly pork this mornin' all washed down with some fine grog. Took ya all a fine time to stir, the sun is way past the yard in these longitudes. Aaaaarh.


Morrrrrrrrrrrrrnin' me hearties!!!

Where's the rum???

We're after a fat Spaniard, plenty booty to share around after. Get to yer posts me hearties.

Q. What's a pirate's favorite song?

A. Hooked On A Feeling!

Talk like a pirate test Arrr!

(Does this mean we are having "Grogargaritas" today?)

Sorry I'll miss Dave & all tonight. Layzee, it can't hurt to get there a little early. Have fun.

One compensation: Jimmy Buffett made several references to TLAP Day at the concert last night (and let out with several "Arrr"s), including one before my favorite song, "A Pirate Looks at 40."

Have a great time, Dave.

Sorry I'll miss Dave & all tonight. Layzee, it can't hurt to get there a little early. Have fun.

One compensation: Jimmy Buffett made several references to TLAP Day at the concert last night (and let out with several "Arrr"s), including one before my favorite song, "A Pirate Looks at 40."

Have a great time, Dave.

I didn't do that. It was blanking Pypetad.

I didn't do that. It was blanking Pypetad.


Dagger Jim, arrrr ye callin' me a fat Spaniard?? Me booty's plentiful, aye...but I'll feed ya to the sharrrrrrrrrks!!

Sweet Cap'n Helga, I'm a one eyed scurvy dog but I'd never call a fine lady like yerself umm, overweight. T'was referring to a fat Spanish Galleon off the starboard bow.

An' fer all ya scurvy dogs that be wantin' ta change yer names...

Here ya arrrrrrrrrrrr

Pirate Name Generator

Aye, Dagger Jim...but I be watchin' yer drunken' arse, I be.

Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh. Talk like a pirate day and me stuck at Davy Jones Locker work.

(Not Davy Jones locker)

Snork! Cap'n. Helga. Mine came out; "Pirate Hubert the Infected" (How did they know?)

Well I'm off to shower me timbers! (iykwim)

Aye, Baron...I be headin' off to worrrrrrrrrrrrk in a wee bit, meself..but I be plannin' on pillarin' and plunderin' with the lot of yas!


Arrrrr, me hearties. A fine marnin' for sailin' the high seas!

I tell ye, it be time for the bot to walk the plank!

Arrrrrrr. Must needs walk me scurvy dog and it be timber shivarrrring weatharrr here.

Damn right, Decrepit!

Anyone seen me mizzenmast? It's mizzen.

Aye, Wench...have ya looked in yer bung hole??

harrrr harrrrrrrrr!!

Arrr Wench, don't that make it harrrd to jolly your roger?

Ahoy, Mateys! I be slavin' at me desk job, but I'll be watchin' and laughin' all t'same.

Methinks some of these Jollies need a good rogering.

Pirate walks into a doctor's office and says, "Arr! Doctor! Doctor! Ye 'ave t' give me somethin' fer th' itch in me pants!"

The doctor says, "Take your ship's wheel, put it in your pants, and come back in a week."

The pirate comes back in a week. The doctor asks, "So, is the itch better?"

Pirate says, "Arr! Aye 'tis, but th' wheel be drivin' me nuts!"

Harrrrrrrrrr Cap'n Steve!!

I be off for a wee bit...keep yer filthy hooks off me rum or i'll be havin' to pluck s'me eyeballs with me trusty machete sworrrrrrrrd!!!

Avast ye scurvey dogs! Pass the grog and rattle me sabre!

(On a different note: today is also the birthday of the smiley. :-) )

I'm up early to say: Avast, me hearties! Ahoy, DPC! Yer the only pirate among us not havin' to change his name this fine day!

'um one say rrrrrrrrrrrrrum?

Avast! Once agi’n, I do me yearly postin’….

Ahoy cap’n, thar be a steerin’ wheel in yer trousers!

Aye matey, it be drivin’ me nuts….

Oh, and boogARRRRR.

Speakin' of Booty, it appears that Cap'n Blog will be following a story on the Booty Cam.

Arrrr. Me is peddlin' Booty Reducin' Booty. Me hopes it be as fun to watch as it were to make.

You all best be gettin' your "ship" together...

I talks like this every day of the year!


arrrrr. mornin' mateys.


Ahoy to you, edgARRR!

Avast, ya scurvy scum! Pirates in yer phone calls: www.whooptones.com. ARRRRR!!!!!

Ahoy! Me college be full a' limey cowards! I be the only one s'far celebratin'!

Happy Annivaaaaarsery to me. I started reading the Dave Baaaaaarrrry blog just before International Talk Like a Pirate Day last year. :) I just told my husband that today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day and he went "arrrrrrr."

Aye, and we be everywhere now. Even obscure union blogs be makin' sly Talk Like a Pirate Day references, right in the middle of sober articles about scurvy dogs who be gettin' all piratical-like themselves with the public dubloons.

The comely wench as I shanghaied to marry me thinks that TLAD be nuthin but bilge water!

I'll be shiverin' her timbers later fer that!

A belated ARRRR!!!

Avast ye sea dogs,,

I wish to invite all to the St, Arrrgustine Pirate Gathering 2007 this Nov. 9 & 10th. If ye be will'n to join the fun you can find out more at www.pirategathering.com.

Iron Ballast Bryan


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