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August 23, 2007


A new day is dawning.

Update: Another toilet breakthrough here. (Via Gizmodo)


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Women of the world, stand up for your right to be releived of unwanted, ummmm, pressure.

*posted by the Women's Restroom Cleaners Union, Local 3241*

*gets out the funnel*

just a funny thought

we dont want a urinal. we want a bidet. you guys are such, guys.

I'll pass. I ain't squattin' and squirtin', thankuverymucho.

queenie, I love my bidet.

Where are the pictures???

Women are requested to "provide their feedback"? That's a new name for it. "Alice, I'd like you to take this report from the CFO and provide your feedback on it".

Reminds me of the one little ol' lady in whatever movie that was:

"Why is my back all wet?"

DPC, just what I was wondering. Having spent some time traveling through Europe and having to pee frequently, I can say t hat there is not a type of "toilet" (and I use that word in its broadest meaning) that I haven't used. And some of them in cheap dive bars are quite original. :)


Oh man...now guys will NEVER get out of the bathroom.

um..ok...and some women ;-)

would you really want to touch that controller?

is there an open drain in which to toss the charmin or are they expecting women to drip dry?

There's a mew loo, risin' up proudly from the floor
Now ladies p33ing, won't find it such a chore.
Let the old loos still believe in sitting for number one
Nothing can change the shape of things to come.

There are changes, lyin' ahead in every stall
It's very easy, just back up to the wall.
When tomorrow is today, the belles may toil for some
But nothing can change the shape of loos to come.

The futur's flowin' in, now fast and strong
Ain't noone gonna dam it up for long.

There are new streams, crowdin' out older ways to p33
There's revolution hoverin' like a bumble bee
Let the old loos still believe in sitting for number one
But nothing can change the shape of things to come.

trillian, good point.

and no.

"OK, who peed on the TV?"

Nice, fivver. :-) Love it.

LMAO Hammie! and fiv!


wasn't me.

*WAVES @ Hammie!!!*



Geezer joke...

Q. What's the difference between toilet paper and the shower curtain?

A. I don't know.

AH HA! So you were the one!

*Vigorous WAVE @ Hammie*

I'd shake your hand, but not on this thread. However, waving seems to dry stuff off rather quickly.

*Waves @ Siouxie & DD!!!*

*Waves @AWBH!!!*

Say, has anyone seen the remote?

I ain't touching that thang either, Hammie.

*puts on latex gloves & hands remote to Hammie*

*snap* *snap*

So - anyone got anything exciting going on this morning?

seriously I cannot understand the distractions in the bathroom. Magizines, books, videogames? When I go in, I do what I need to (number 1 or number 2) wash up and get out. Six munites or less, allows three to go and three to wash. Why would somebody want to spend more time there?

I'm I really that abnormal?

Yes, Orcel - but not for THAT reason.

orcel, I'm with you - in a figurative sense of course. I can't see why people need to multi-task in th loo....

Orcel - most of the time, my bathroom breaks are the only time I get to read. And, well, let's face it; going to the bathroom is just boring.

Depends, orcel. No, I mean you might need them. :-)

Seriously - my whole family are bathroom readers. Also, if you take iron pills, you might find that things start to ... change. Constipation becomes the name of the game, necessitating a diet higher in fiber.

Or is that TMI?

orcel - what SandyEgo said. Butt I agree - get in, get done, get out. Applies to lots of stuff.

Shaquille O'Neal once appeared on local tv here talking about rumors of him and the Lakers. He said he was 'watching tv on the can last night when some announcer said...'

I don't remember a thing after that. Nor did I have an apetite.

*hands Annie a spare p (not pee)*

Nor did I have an apetite now.

Well, let's see, Diva. What do I have going on this morning that's exciting - hmmmmm

Watching some porn
Inviting the gardener in for 'coffee'.
Waiting for the UPS guy.

Nope, nothing exciting, just the usual.

That's just payback for this morning's BM, Annie. ;-)

El, I was planning on something exciting but I've suddenly lost my appetite. All this crap talk!

El - the UPS guy is gonna be here awhile. Might as well call DHL.

"Toilets through the Ages".
Wasn't that a diorama at the Smithsonian?

jon - if it wasn't, it should be.

El - Send that gardener my way after coffee! I have some bushes that need trimming weeds that need whacking work for him....

Annie, I'm not crazy about the yellow truck, but the FedEx guy usually pulls into the driveway, IYCMD.

Just tell the UPS guy I said hi. ;)

Ladies, ladies! there's enough UPS guys to go around. Just make sure your drop boxes are ready for delivery.

So long as they're wearing their shorts, Sioux.

Wow. Can Homer Simpson's recliner/toilet invention be far behind?

Also, my girlfriend is one of those people who don't understand how someone can read in the bathroom. And me, I've got a veritable library of Marvel Comics in there. No joke, just sayin'.

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