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August 24, 2007


We speculate, weekly, about whether Fidel is dead.


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Come on, Dave! ec reported this a couple HOURS ago!! ;-)

DD, thanks for getting me in trouble w/Mr. Blog. Swell, now the bot will probaly stop me from posting...

Dave, keep up....old news.

Fidel is dead?!! Woooo Hoooo, lets partay!

*jumps on table and starts moving the groove thang*

What? He's not... oh well then, nevermind.

*attempts to look perfectly natural while standing on coffee table*

Castro has had bottlefly larve growing in his beard for years. He's enbalmed.

Fidel's never dead,
Fidel's never dead,
Infinite an(tilde thingee)os,
But he's never dead.

Sorry, ec!! Didn't mean to. :-( My bad!

Dave - disregard my first post. That is all. Thank you. Don't forget to tip judi.

Fidel has been dead for years. He's a bigger secret than Jimmy Hoffa.

Even if they buried him in the ground, if I lived in Cuba, I would still look over my shoulder. Especially on a full moon.


Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead.

if you 'report' it here and don't tell US, don't blame us if we 'report' it later.

confusingly -

the s.b.

How convenient that the rumor's on a Friday afternoon - "Es muerto! Cerveza, por favor!

Not that youse ever need a reason but, no soy estupida.

And judi's right - rule is if you post it to a thread and it shows up later on its own thread, callate and have another cerveza.

Sioxie beat me to the punch... now I got nothin.

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