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August 27, 2007


He has written a column.


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FIRST to say I'd rather see another new column by Dave.

I second KCSteve's nomination!

Proof that Dave is alive. He's not writing a column.

If Keith Richards is really alive (as opposed to being a whacky animatronic figure programmed to stumble around the stage holding fake ciggies), then anything is possible.

If Fidel wrote it, who knows when that was?

Maybe Dave ghosted it for him.

Nah, then it would have been funny.

I, personally, would LOVE to read many, many more articles written by Fidel - as long as they're all published POSTHUMOUSLY!

Fidel Castro = Disco Elf Rat

Dead men tell no tales.

Poo: Yeah, right now they are written post-humourlessly.


Fidel Castro = Coiled Farts

...and Elvis & MM continue to make $$$ posthumously, too.

... and Robert Ludlum keeps releasing books. Dave, are you gonna' be able to do that once you've gone to blog heaven?

El Presidente will always live in our hearts...

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