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August 29, 2007


Do not click here.

(Thanks to many people, some of them, incredibly, men)


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"He was discharged after doctors performed a half-hour operation. "

Let's see....if they charged plumber's fees, that half hour comes to about $37 quillion dollars.

"Shrieking in agony." Sounds about right. Sheesh. Even I want to cross my legs!

*wonders if the poor kid will ever have another discharge*


We won't . . .

I remember using that whole "slipped and fell" line on the firefighters and it didn't work for me.

That poor baby!

Overheard years later at the dinner table, "I knew this would happen from the day they cut your testicles out of that pipe...stop moaning and moping around for gracious sakes."

The pipe is obviously a University of Oklahoma fan.

I bet this kid will never look at a neutered dog the same way.


that article does not say whether they cut off the pipe or cut off the testicles.....poor kid.

I'm curious what kind of open pipe would be in a bathtub that would allow this kind of accident to happen.

Wasn't this already blogged?

Schade, just in case you're serious, over there tubs aren't drained as we would imagine. Tubs tend to be always full and communal, so they often drain from the top (more like a swimming pool filter)with periodic re-filling.

Peach-Plucking Pipes WBAGNFAScottishB, maybe?

Eleanor is right, this is an old story.

But still... you never want to read "hydraulic cutter" in the same sentence as "testicles".

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