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August 31, 2007


(Thanks to Baron vonKlyff)


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Finds a 40 tonne truck sticking out of his living room!? Yep, time to move or dig a moat!

That is until the moat fills up...

A German man said Thursday he feared he may have built his own tomb after a vehicle ploughed into his house for the 10th time.

the same vehicle? ten times? i don't think that's an accident.....

You would think they'd move after say...the 4th time????

"LOOK! That truck doesn't like me! NO! He doesn't like my house!"

We have a house in my area that's had this issue repeatedly as they are located where the road would continue - IF it continued instead of T-boning into a main thoroughfare. So, they lit up the front of the house. WITH GREEN LIGHTS. AT AN INTERSECTION. And they wonder why it happened again?

and would someone please teach the Brits how to spell (ploughed, tonnes).

"Hey @sshole!!! You can't park that here!!!"

On the bright side, though, he gets to have various rooms in his house remodeled on a regular basis all for the cost of regular insurance payments.

>the same vehicle? ten times? i don't think that's an accident.....

But you'd think after this guy lived through eight attacks, the driver would try to find a new way to kill him.

Move, move, move! Now, now, now!

If they coverted € to $, couldn't they have done the other conversion as well???

40 tonnes = 44.1 tons.

My sister had this problem, too. Well, it only happened once but the pictures were something to see!

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