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August 27, 2007


Presenting... House on a Stick!

(Via Gizmodo)


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What a chick magnet. Kinda like my Rambler back in the day.

Man is it a shame that Babelfish doesn't translate Polish. That's bound to be a doozy of a description.

swoisty manifest, propozycja domu/schronienia dla człowieka Świata Zachodu. Podstawowa komórka społeczna jaką nazywany jest związek małżeński dziś przestaje być jedynym modelem życia. Jako wolnostojąca jednostka mieszkalna przeznaczona dla 1 osoby wypełnia pewną próżnię na tym polu: brak takich propozycji dla tzw. "singli". Zainspirowany przydrogowym billboard'em, jest pomyślan

Translation: "Great Fixer Upper."

Stiltville - pls note, only one "s"

Holy shish! The sleepwalker's special!

I found a Polish-English translation engine here. This is what the top paragraph looks like when you run it through that engine:

Single Hauz - All its own manifesto, proposal of house of /harbor (shelter) for person of world of west. Basic social cell (cellular phone) is called that as free-standing habitable unit assigned stop conjugal relationship (association) today be sole model life. Lack of such proposal for so called " " singli. Inspired billboard przydrogowym, it is conceived as object can to each almost place on land (earth) " " wpasować. There is with interesting landscape conditions for any (every) localization relate particularly predysponowany. Wood (forest), sea, lake, mountains (top), grasslands, and also side-space of artery of main city from other part.

as a general contractor type person, i am not surprised. most architects i know don't even need to smoke anything to come up with ideas like that.

Thanks Kev, that clears everything up. :)

Looks like the housing market is up in Poland.

When the wind blows, does the house spin around like a propeller?

Reminds me of the "billboard installer" ep of Dirty Jobs.

Looks like a "PhotoShop" job to me...

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