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August 23, 2007


The Flashlight of Doom

(Thanks to Doc Ric)


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Put that with a donut coupon and then you got something.

Although I do miss the old days when the flashlights were heavily weighted so when you popped somebody with one they remembered it when they came to.

That takes me back to my Boy Scout days, when we would tightly roll up a sock, dip it into kerosene, light it, then toss it around the campsite with a shovel. That, and eating cold pork and beans out of the can because we were too lazy to clean up after cooking.

To paraphrase another bloglit (Afkat?), to identify grizzly poop, watch for flashlight bits and a smell of pepper.

I want one!!

i kind of wanted one until i read the actual unbiased reviews of this thing. it takes a couple of direct hits to put someone down. i'll just hold on to my Bersa and take my chances.

CJ - that was blurk, then most recently Afkat, among many before that, I believe.

Recycled Bear Poop Joke.

oh and YAY to Rick!!!

Ok..so you blind the would-be assailant or boring date, first. Then, you squirt 'em with the pepper spray and leave them in terrible agony. I like.

I'll get 3 and put them in my girls' Christmas stockings.

This one looks much more promising.


*does the "I got posted" dance for Rick who's probably still sleeping, or would be if he didn't have kids*

Actually unfunny on-topic bit:
The ever-indulgent wife and I got new flashlights earlier this month www.NovaTac.com
She got the Tactical model and I got the Programmable. Ok, I set mine to act a lot like hers but I can still get to the SOS strobe and other things.

Basically we've got a 'normal but bright' flashligh (30 lumens), a 'last forever, find lost stuff in the theater light' (3 lumens), a 'burn their eyes out light' (120 lumens), and a disorienting strobe (it is - I've tried it). All in the same light, all on one button (different patterns of clicks and presses). All about the size of two C-cell batteries stacked up.

Which means that if, when she's working late, someone harrasses her on her way to her car, they won't even see her draw her pistol. Messing with the ever-indulgent wife is not recommended. Survivors will have to explain themselves to me, and I can make Simon look tolerant and friendly.

[/flashlight geekery]

pssst, felipe, you've been in the sun too long, but while you're here, how about freshening up this mojito.

The "intimidating" red laser is really cool, unless the person you're intimidating has a gun, thinks you have a laser-sighted gun pointed at him (that's why it's intimidating, isn't it?), and kills you to death.

Not very funny, but I'm just sayin'.

Oye, Felipe! Cuantas veces te he dicho que no salgas a la calle con esa trusa! Se te ven los huevos! Dios Mio!!

"Kills you to death?" Isn't that a little redundant? Just sayin'...

...I think I'd like to try out one of Steve's NovaTacs first, before plunking down the change for one of those Cobra lights...

Felipe, callate, cabron! Ojala que no te preocupes con los huevos, que no te vale la pena, porque son tan pequenitos.

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