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August 27, 2007


(Thanks to Tom Meerschaert)


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What amazes me is the perky newsteam helicopter. It even emits a glow!

Special orders don't upset us...Dude...

* off to costume supply store to rent law enforcement attire*

A police officer at Burger King? Not for food.

So he gave the cops Nuckols sandwich? Not smart.

what a nuckol-head!

I love it when my great state of New Mexico makes it
to the blog!

so what's the problem? had they ordered the side of crack instead?

That ain't salt sprinkled on those fries....

His boss' friends were there to help clean up.

Maybe they had some extras, and needed something to eat...

Clever marketing ploy to increase sales of those little pies.

Original excuse:

I was just following orders, Mein Herr dude.

Uh, Bethie, hate to break it to ya - but no one else sees a glow around the newscopter. Are you sure you're not at that camp http://www.cnn.com/2007/LIVING/wayoflife/08/22/spiritualist.camp.ap/index.html ?

A police officer at Burger King? Not for food.

Heh. Saturday, my husband and I were at a BK, and suddenly a bunch of guys started yelling at the kids in the playground, "Get down!!". We were sitting so that we really couldn't see out the window, so we were trying to figure out what was going on from what everyone else was saying. At first I thought I heard someone say something about someone outside with a gun, and then someone said something like, "It's a cop!", which led me to wonder if that many customers could possibly have warrants out for their arrest. Turns out both statements were true. An couple of undercover police officers (by then, showing their badges) were outside, one with an assault rifle pointed at a couple of cars. They ended up arresting three guys in the parking lot.

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