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August 26, 2007


We have received word Fidel Castro continues to be either dead or not dead, or possibly immortal. Meanwhile Blinky the two-headed calf remains deceased.


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*snork* @ Chavez for being such the psychic!

Poor Chavez is in for a reality shock.

Fidel WILL live forever. He's in the next SAW movie.

I think Castro died and came back as Blinky, and died again. Can't wait to see the next mutant animal.

MKJ is on 24-hour eB@y vigil for the elusive Fidel-silhouette danish.

My eggplant says Fidel is alive. Sorry.

The economy of Cuba died in 1961...

I hope the country doesn't have one of those deals where the guy lies in state for like a year or more. They usually bring in a witch doctor when that happens. I have dated doctors and witches, but never a witchdoctor.

Ugh. Hugo Chavez.

I loved ubetcha's theory of the eternal torture of Castro.

Dead? Not dead?

What is this, Weekend at Bernie's Fidel's?

They will end up preserving his body like Evita.... how gross...

Death happens to Godless Communists, too, no exceptions....it just seems like forever....

EB. Close to Canada is better, IMHO

I'm still alive!

Fidel, on the other hand, is now clinging to NOT being dead.

Any news on Generalissimo Francisco Franco?

Snard, I believe he is still dead. Unless he is not.

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