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August 01, 2007


It's out of control.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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the whole THING is outta control....

i'd check ebay. as a matter of fact, i could use some new dainties, i think i will check ebay!

Thieves have stolen almost $35,000 worth of underwear, perfume and other merchandise from Victoria's Secret stores in the Raleigh area since March

Note to Victoria's Secret, dump the CTU brand security system.

I believe my wife bought some of those stolen underwear. In an effort to remove the serial numbers the theives removed the crotch portion.

VS was flooding the airwaves last night for something called the 'IT' bra. I think the crooks also stole a 'T'.

Vickie's never has my size anyway
How utterly terrible. And anyway, wouldn't one be very, very afraid to buy underwear off someone on the street? You could get some major cooties that way.

I'll be brief and won't lingerie. This is getting to be an epidemic.

Simple solution - just say 'no' to undies.

So that's what Siouxie was really doing in North Carolina!


Looks like Mot has commando the situation.

A great way to distract VS sales clerks is to hold up a little naughty and to ask loudly, "Excuse me, but do you have this in children's sizes?"

Or so I've heard.

The other news was interesting too....

Church house is free, you move it.

Dead cats after high speed chase.

Is there more than one weirdness magnet?

wonders how long before the cops decide to start checking the resident ladies for stolen property.

not that there's nothing thong with buying stolen undies.

New supply just in. Check our low prices!!!


Maybe we should check the cops for undercover undies. They could be wearing an underwire. At least briefly.




Brass in Pocket.

Another link there is titled:
Why People Have Sex: It Feels Good

If that's not a qualifier for Most Duh! Headline Of The Day I'd like to see the winner.

A&K - then you must have a pretty good memory.


Yes I do.

*Snork* at "Crime in the Triangle"

and at Stevie's song on the last thread. Nothing like shooting coffee out your nose to start your day!


I sent that in A & K! just like that...DUH-type headline of the day.

And NO, Jeff! I was NOT stealing underwear. Who wears those things anyways??? ;-P

*tries to WAVE @ Hammie but hands still up in the air*

"Occifer, I have no panties"

*Waves @ Siouxie!!!*

Psssst!! Wanna buy a crotch?

Occifer: "Ma'am, this is just a speeding ticket."



That's hot!

(ty, ub)

Law enforcement officials have no suspects and said it's unlikely the thieves are stealing for personal use.

How do they know this for sure?? Surely, there are some pervs out there that get a kick out of wearing women's undies. Anyone?

You got a speeding ticket because your heart was racing?

Lady, I asked for your license and registration, not your licentious red unmentionables.

*innocent look*

so um, fivver?? do you prefer cotton or synthetic? bikini or thong? crotch or crotchless?

A crotchless thong?

Howzzat work anyways?

It doesn't 'work,' silly. It's just there.

So in other words...

They snatched Victoria's from the stores of N.C.

That's just a string, no?

Or NOT there. As the case may be.

If you have to ask, you can't afford it.

Twat's right, SW!!

Trying to sell some of the booty, the thief walked into a bar. The bartender asked, "Why the lace thong?"

(C'mon, admit it. It's so bad it's almost passable.)

It might work better as "Why the thong lace" SW...better rhyming effect...

Hores walk into a bar. The bartender says, "Why the long wait?"

*runs in*

Sorry I'm late! There was this guy in the parking lot selling undies out of his trunk! And Betty had kittens out there, too.

A termite walks into a saloon and says, "Is the bar tender here?"

Oh, sheesh. A&K walks into a bar and says, "Owie!"

*trips all these people walking in the bar*


and *snork* @ Punkin's thong!

Awww, Siouxie...*sigh*...why do so many snork at my thong?

*things to thelf*

Thong thung blueth, everybody knowth them!

When Nurse Tammy (welcome back) said, and struck out, Vickie's never has my size anyway, it was all I could see and I immediately thought - "That must be Punkin Poo." So, Tammy, are you a cousin of Punkin's or just blessed similarly?

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