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August 31, 2007


Home of the Loon

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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At least Canadian legislators are attending to business rather than visiting airport men's rooms.

To find out about the Bigfoot herds nearest you, just check out this site:


I'm surprised the federal government hasn't looked into this more because as far as I know, all those Bigfoots out there aren't paying taxes.....

I thought that sort of "Loon" was native to Florida?

What's this? Reverse migration?

Wasn't Afkat once an RCMP? Just thinkin' out loud here....

I think Mr. Lake's brain is a little polluted, if you asked me.

There's a website you can go to to report Bigfoot sightings. I was thinking of making one up.

Here's the link if you're interested.

Well, you people would believe when Bigfoot breaks into your house and steals all your young, and eats your pets and pet food, which, I guess your pets could be considered pet food in that circumstance, but lookout! Be forwarned!

Wait...didn't one of those national chains offer a Bigfoot (or possibly Bigfoot™ or ®) pizza a few years ago? I can't remember if it was them or them.

The mom of a college friend used to be married to a member of this group. He was pretty excited when he found out I grew up (sort of) near Boggy Creek.

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