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August 28, 2007


The Amazing Steve has sent in the following image of the Jack Bauer game card:


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Agent? Pfffftb!! It should say "Master of time, space and all things lesser mortals aspire to"

"24"... the perfect bored game!

OMG! i wonder if i can get that in poster size?

That's the card that they were handing out at GenCon. John, a friend of mine went this year (the same person who helps me by looking over the 24 writeups), and sent me that.

Donald never had tata's like that. Those are not underchinners.

Maybe this will keep the nerds from procreating just a little bit longer.

In the meantime, recent evidence that guys aren't just lazy, needing the gal co-dependent to bring them beers....

Shoot it. Shoot it in the card.

Botany. We need botany studies funding to further the development of theory as to what in the ozone layer effected the psychologist's brains to give them the propensity to do dumb, meaningless studies. The WWF should be a potential source.

World Wildlife Fund?

The Schwarzenneger principle. Withhold funding of all welfare payment to medical professionals who provid service to state sponsered programs. Stick head out door and listen to police scanner for 'shorts fired' warning is designated to the immediate area. Rely on Shriver legacy to give him more Terminator strength. Stop watching TV without having it plugged in.

lil, I had this conversation earlier today. Sometimes people misread micrograms as milligrams. Take no aspirin and blog me in the morning!

Wait a minute: Jack Bauer is only number five on the list of the "24" cast of characters? Am I reading that right?

If so, then who are the top four?

Is there going to be a "Hold your mud" card to permit Jack and the rest of the gang to avoid torture and other enhanced interrogation techniques?

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