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July 28, 2007


Tired of this? There is a solution.


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Yuk on the 'recipe'.

Second FIRST today!

And I've taken two naps in between. ;)

Second hat trick?

Eleanor - can you keep it down in there, please?

Laugh out loud, and gross!

What, exactly, is a "serving piece"?

Nevermind. I really don't wanna know.

Heck, you don't need the recipes! When they hit that transformer, they cook themselves. Maybe just grease the power lines near your home with BBQ sauce and it will fall on to your plate perfectly charred and seasoned.

"Rata-utility Line."
"Rat on a Hot Tin - Poof!"

Is this recipe high in trans-former fat?

Mmm... Squirrel is good (properly prepared).

Do NOT click on second link while eating breakfast. Urp.

Oddly enough, first time on the recipe site I got a picture of a open mouthed Cookie Monster. Who knew he had squirrels as a main dish?

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