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July 30, 2007


(Thanks to queensbee)


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She should have moved to Utah.

She needs a good atty -


it's hard to get through all those pesky chores when you have 6 kids:

grocery shopping - check
empty dishwasher - check
vacuum - check
file for divorce - later

SHE'S the reason you have so many storms in Florida!

Weird, yeah; but you can't really blame her for not wanting to return the breast enhancement surgery.

he worked at pizza hut and had $160,000 to lose??

Look at her picture. What idiot would shell out $160,000 for that?

Newest bridegoom says there's no future for them?

Not since he's bankrupt, that's fer shure ...

Contrary to what you see on TV, it's illegal out here too!

What are those dots under her eyes? The latest in the dripping mascara look?

As for whether or not she's worth 160k, one has to know what the spender looked like. I think this can be graphed, but my brain is now too feeble to do any economics.

PeterM - I thought maybe she'd donned clown makeup for the occasion.

For their wedding, did Pizza Hut send an honor guard for the archway of crossed pepperoni sticks?

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