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July 27, 2007


(Thanks to Ted Bangs, who sent it via snailmail)


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Snail Mail? Like old school, with a stamp and everything?

*cracks open a frosty ESB Redhook*

Already enjoying an icy cold Corona. Frickin hot here CJ. I'm melting.

they give dogs c-sections?

Well, at least you have something, even if it's a weirdo beer like Corona. I usually have the same as the FL dinosaurs, but happened to open a Redhook just before I opened the article about Redhook.

someone say beer?

Tutu Park?

Poodle Caesarean? GNFARB

Uh-oh! I think the entire Simpsons voice-cast would do time in St. Thomas for "acting in an assumed character".

(See how I cleverly "plugged" the movie here? Didja?)

Got it, Punkin.

And PYPETAD has been screwing with my posts this a.m.

Mmmmm...beeeeer...what was this post about again?

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