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July 31, 2007


We're going to Niota.

(Thanks to funniegirl)


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Whoa, Nelly!

They're gonna need a bigger cinch.

For what it's worth, Niota is 1,029,600 hands from Chattanooga.

Forget the horse! I wanna meet the tall cowboy that owns the horse ;-)

Ya know...save and horse and all.

No pics?

WAVES @ Hammie!!!!

casey, I want pics too!

*Waves @ Siouxie!!!!*

For those of us who don't know a horse hand from a hay bale, just how big is a "hand?"

five fingers worth?

well cheesewhiz, depends on who you ask, male or female cause you just know the guys gonna lie.

4 inches

Cheesewiz, the average hand is about 5'10". Unless he had tall parents.

thanks Siouxie that really helps a lot. I can now go with confidence to the next horse auction.

[----------] = average "hand" = six inches

No pics necessary, casey. It looks kinda like a big horse.

it's the perfect wedding gift for this guy.

It might be one of these two . . .

No fair - the Tennesee shire needs a trimming and he's wearing lifts.

*anticipates a s.b. post from the Wang Vision Institute*

The category of largest horse's rear is still open, but most of the potential record holders are either already in or hoping to be in Washington, DC.

Bill, good point. Gender & race not being an issue this year.

um, bfd? and i'd also be more interested in the biggest, ahem. rider. gives new meaning to 'hung' like a horse, i guess.

queensbee, if you scroll up a bit, that was my thought, etc. ;-)

Oh great! Guinness could give a dead Edgar's rear end about the world's largest pierogi but THIS they care about. Making a pierogi takes skill and finesse. How much skill does it take to give birth to a large horse?

I think the mama horse might disagree with you there, DaChew.

The idea behind measuring a horse in "hands" is that most people have roughly the same width of hand, about 4 inches, and that way someone without a measuring tape (like a cowboy on the range) can measure a horse.

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