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July 30, 2007


A little wind can be a good thing.

(Thanks to annette gaudreau)


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Sniff, What's that? All of a sudden I'm hungry.

In other news, thousands were miraculously cured from their glaucoma downwind of a small town in Illinois. There was also a run on Doritos® when both residents and seagulls began crashing through the windows at the local supermarket.

Was going to be FIRST!
But forgot to post.

Years ago I read an article about there was so much weed being confiscated in S Fla that FPandL modified a power plant to run on it.

Also forgot to change my name.

Jeezely ... all the farmers that are havin' trubble with drought or flooding, and these guys actually get a crop goin' ... and the gummint takes it away ... sumthin' tells me they need a different "farm program" ...

... and in related news, hundreds of townsfolk near the park were admitted for psychological evaluations after complaining of severe paranoia.

This was widely covered in the Chicago papers, and although I looked carefully, I saw NO evidence in any of the photos that the authorities supervising the burning from a safe distance of approximately five feet were wearing masks or breathing filters of ANY KIND.

Your law enforcement professionals: laying their lungs on the line for the public good.

Road trip to Chicago!! I'll bring the snacks!

Ooh, I see Siouxie's deliveries coming up ahead!

This Might have happened before.

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