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July 25, 2007


This blog has learned that Donald Trump has a new book coming out this fall. The title -- really -- is THINK BIG AND KICK ASS... IN BUSINESS AND IN LIFE.

That's what we need, in life: More people kicking ass.


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First ass kicking?

Oh yeah!

I just wish somebody would think big and kick Donald Trump's ass. Anyone? Rosie?

Siouxie, have you been hanging around Trump again?

Better yet someone to kick both Trump and Rosie.

He can write?

And why didn't he kick the a$$ of the person who told him his hair looks good??

Hammie, no. IF I had been, his head would be perfectly waxed.

*SNORK* @ Dave's link!!

Looks like someone kicked Trump's ass so hard that it's peeking thru the top of his head.

(sorry, El)

Does that book make Trump's ass look big?

Actually, it's: "I get big kicks thinking with (and talking out of) my ass, in business and life" by Donald Rump.

Dave, I think the title is THINK BIG HAIR etc.

Time to fire his hair.

or set it on fire.

Annie, maybe we could have him pull a hay wagon.

A&K - only if you're the wheelhorse.

Jeez...always lookin' for the least little excuse to use the lunge whip, aren't ya?

Annie, need an extra whip?

Nah, Siouxie, thanks. I'm good. Just plug in that hot wax for me, will ya?

Let it be known that I NEVER need and excuse to bring out the whip, lunge or otherwise. I carry my collection around in a briefcase. Bullwhips, snakewhips, stockwhips, signalwhips, etc.

A briefcase? For my collection, I need a walk-in closet.

OK, you got me there Annie. LOL!

Did you know you can actually purchase whipcracking videos and stuff? Techniques for braiding, equipment for target practice, all kinds of fun stuff!

There sure are a lot of weird people out there. Glad I'm not weird.

*drives down to the "warehouse of pain" to search for the wax*


me either, casey.

I don't invite weird peoples to my home, ya know?

It's only kinky the first time. After that, it's just plain weird.


And neither am I.

Siouxie, I don't think we have enough duct tape...and we may need some velcro, too. Pink velcro, if you've got it. And lots of cinnamon.

Don't bother with cinnamon, Annie. Go straight for the cayenne!

Lairbo, do you know something the rest of us don't?

Got it. butter or baby oil?

GOOD GAWD MEANIE!!! double whammy there!


Annie and DD, I'm missing something, what is cinnamon and cayenne for?

I know, I know, the joke is much less funny if you have to splain it to dweebs like me, but my curiosity is killing me.

Does this toupee make my ass look kicked?

psst, casey- you didn't Misty (whinny!) joke - it was just to Trigger (whinny!) your imagination.

I just have to say, though - I love how Annie thinks!


sorry, El. We're slaves to the joke. The Donald will survive.

HAHAHA Annie, you are a total HOOT!

No wonder he cannot keep a wife.


I just wonder (#1) who would buy a book with such a title, (#2) who would buy a book by Donald Trump at all, and (#3) Doesn't he have enough money? Well, I guess all these millionaires-billionaires do not want to look lazy, so they have to go out and MAKE MORE!!!!!! (if I just had 1 million I would have to remind myself NOT to sit on my a$$ all day and keep in shape).

(Oh, and by "keep in shape" I ment "physically. I hope you all did not think I meant keeping in shape financially").

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