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June 27, 2007


Soggy Moggy


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Wait... let me get this straight: the cat gave itself a swirlie?

cat fish?

Sh!tty kitty?

Don't tell me that there isn't a toilet seat SOMEwhere that couldn't have solved this problem.

Sounds more like a good name for a Barry Manilow tribute band!

"handed the cat back to its grateful owners"

Ya know, while I'd be very happy to have my kitten rescued essentially unharmed I'm not sure I'd be all that grateful to get it handed to me straight from the toilet.

Just saying.

Poor moggy! Kittens do get a bit curious about moving water. Must've been a little bitty...And yet awnother reason to visit England- toilets big enoug hto trap a cat...

Wet p... Oh, never mind.

I had a similar incident with my cat, years ago. I suspect he didn't expect the toilet lid to be up when he leapt. I heard the "sploosh" and fished him out. He had a definite "why me?" look as I toweled him dry.

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