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June 15, 2007


New Zealand Division

(Thanks to Kaffy)


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The bonehead of the day

If you want to rob a dairy, you gots to do it right. I never got caught, but I never robbed anything either.


*makes note to leave all credit/debit cards at home when committing a felony*

Have you been drinking Guiness™ lately, Siouxie?

*another robbery failed when the foreign shop assistant could not read his note.*

Are we sure this happened in New Zealand? Sounds a lot like Houston to me.


whut, Baron?

My favorite is still the guy (don't remember where) who wrote the "Give me all your money" note on one of his own deposit slips and gave it to the clerk....

Glad to see such stupidity is a world-wide phenomenon....

"One of them paused as a robbery began to make a purchase - using his own bank card."

Apparently bungling the reporting is big there, too.

"I have a gub..."

Good one, Kaf. And your hometown - you must be so proud!

One question: what's an assembler?

DD, I had to read that twice, too. A rewrite of that sentence is in order: As the robbery began, one of them paused....

Or, a judicious use of commas would be helpful.

(How's your computer?)

Cool, the Ducky and the Diva! Morning to ya both and for the Duckster.......WOOOOOHOOOOOO SPURS!!!!!! You catch my little sign off to your home town team toward the end of last night's thread?

Hi, Doc! Yes, I did; thanks! For no apparent reason last night, I was suddenly unable to access the blog. I tried for quite awhile, then gave up and went to bed.

From the other comments I read, I can only surmise that the announcers had been smoking crack. Only thing I can think of is that they might have said "In the last 10 years, the Spurs are the only team to win 4 championships." Oh, well, the important thing is: SPURS WON!!!

And they won in four games.

Sorry to flap away so quickly, but must take Mom to a dr's appointment. See y'all later!

Edgar: YES!!!!

*flaps away, really, this time*

Yes it is Ducky! Yes it is. *just for the record and the rest of the day......SCOREBOARD TEXAS! Nuff said!*

Ducky!! Computer's still dead, I'm at work and all's improving. I hope to be back in the black sometime next week. *sigh*

Hey, Rick! I couldn't get my IM on last night via cell - and I'm DAMNED sure sorry I missed the playing on the blog last night! Y'all were having way too much fun without me. Nobody even missed me 'cept Siouxie who sent me a goodbye hug.


*pouts and sniffles*

Nothing personal there DD! I was actually pretty busy with other stuff all night so I missed a lot of it. Suffice it to say Siouxie and home flooring are topics best left for the guys over on TLC or HGTV.

Yeah, but look how many other hot and sexy men I missed playing with! *sigh*

I did get to yak at one on the phone though for a couple of hours. From bed. ;-)

"...did not know Whiley was using a Stanley knife"

The whole time he thought it was a Buck knife.

i like 'driving while forbidden' ...

"was that you driving?"

"uh, yeah"

"well, it says here you were forbidden. next case!"

"but, i was bewildered at the time!"

"bewilderness of the law is no excuse. next!"

".....pleaded guilty to three charges of aggravated robbery, two of attempted robbery, one of driving while forbidden, and a charge of intentionally injuring a man in an earlier incident."

So he was DWF? And what statute is it that makes it illegal to intentionally injure a man in an earlier incident? Literate minds want to know (mine, too).


When injuring men in future incidents is outlawed, only time travelers will injure men in future incidents.

Um, anybody here read The Time Traveler's Wife? Good book.

kudos for the woody allen reference, and i know there's a python skit where they rob their own bank. i'll have to find that one.

DD, (not DDi) I did read that one...and enjoyed it.

Yay Kaf!!!

*ducks in*

*blushes* Thanks Blue!

Jeff - an assembler is someone who assembles things. What, I don't know, as they didn't list his employer.

Oh, and just in case they call it something else in the US (which, according to Wiki, they do), a Stanley knife is a box cutter or utility cutter.

DD: yes, great book.

Thanks, Kaf. I guess assembler is better than Master of the Stool anyway.

I wish our criminal masterminds in Congress were equally as stupid as opposed to being merely equally as evil....

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