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June 25, 2007


Some folks are unclear on the concept.

(Thanks to Judy C.)


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tube steak?

If he's caught, what exactly can be be charged with? Littering? Is rampant stupidity a crime yet? If yes, is it a capital crime? If no, what are legislators doing to rectify this?

That is all.

the steaks were opened but none were missing. taste testing, perhaps?

Guy's obviously colo(u)r blind. Orange shirt, red decoy car, own gray car ...

Some people just couldn't find their ass with both hands.

I was going to say WTFBBQ? but in this case, it's NO BBQ.

Perhaps he just had some temporary swelling he needed to deal with.

OK, I want a new informational label on the meat we buy at the store....."this package has not been inside the pants of some guy". Please tell me they did NOT repackage the meat and sell it anyway!!

Maybe he should just stick with tuna.

Well, I can understand at least part of this. He saw the label "Butt Steak" and decided to do that.

What the so-called 'police' don't know is the orange shirt and steaks guy was a decoy while is sissy runned out the store with a cart-load of condoms, Pabst Blue Ribbon and Hot Rod magazines.

Maybe frozen steak in his pants froze his highest functioning brain cells.

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