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June 25, 2007



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Anything to cover up her bald pate. "Was she covering all bald twats spots however," is the question that really should be asked.


Do NOT click on the link that shows her cheeky side. I will NEVER EVER EVER eat cottage cheese again.

However, my self esteem just rose another 30 points.

Dave, are you trying to punish us? Isn't Monday bad enough without starting with Twitney?


I don't think even Cher got this much bad press!

Even her kid is like come on ma, give the

You know, I was going to make a phone call to try and find a poor homeless client a safe home, but instead, I clicked on Twitney.

Hell has a placecard with my name on it.

But at least DAVE will be at my right.

take 2

Come on Ma give the world a break already.

Mornin' peeps!! I come back to THIS???

casey, too late...eeuugh! (loved YOUR mts!) lol and yes I'll have pix very soon...promise.

ain't no way those are Twit's cheeks.

More proof that British "journalism" is fundamentally wrong. Why else would they run this and ignore a Colorado judge's suicide presumably being a result of his having been charged with three felonies in connection with his possession of a stolen laptop with p0rn on it?

Oh, right, now I remember -- Britney is still at least somewhat funny.

Meanwhile, I am not. Booger!

Bob Marley's gonna get her for this.

it's a bad sign when she doesn't make the effort to interview future husbands backup dancers herself!

Well, thank God Shirley Bassy's okay.

I hate to say it, but in this case (just this case), I can't really find anything negative about Twitney. Idiot journalists on the other hand... (no, not you Dave, I would never insult you by considering you a journalist)

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