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May 27, 2007


Here's why.


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Hartford here. Rainy, quiet Monday morning. kinda nice. Not often Quiet.

Very metaphysical for this time of night, ES!

Did you try refreshing the screen?

Elaine Sue is in good ole' Califonia, where I suppose I belong.

Could you text some rain down here? My tomatoes are wilting a little!

Ain't technology grand?

Why up so early Gunga?

It doesn't rain here much at all. We have only about 12" a year average. This year we've only had about 2". Funny, everybody's lawn looks great, tho.

Wow- two consecutive simuls with y'all, then managed to simul myself even with the mandatory bot-break/time-out!

Sending now DDD.

Elaine Sue, just read that the Momma and baby whale are headed back to sea in SF. Preaty cool.

ES- it must be all the plastic surgeons out there- they've run out of bazoombage to alter, so now they have to do landscaping to keep up payments on the Porsches.

Doc,how'd you do that? Simul yourself?

A lil worried about some biz stuff coming up. Really messes with sleep. (and out of beer, lol)

ES- it's all in the wrist.

Gunga- well take a look around- you are sure to find plenty of beer in the blogfridge.

Hey, all, still hanging in here, eh? What a weekend! Spent with a bunch of youth at a church youth conference. No major infractions (that we found out about). Went well, except I'm sleep deprived.

DDD, glad to read you and NT got together and had a good time.

And giant ribs, breakfast. Thanks!

Anyway, I've got to bail. My eyes are stingingly tired.

The whales are not doing so well. I hope they make it, but noone is optomistic right now.

SF (Niners-ptoie)is in the middle of the state. I'm more at the bottom. All the way at the bottom is San Diego. I'm north of there about 100 miles, only. AND we don't have any football teams in LA OR ORANGE COUNTY, where I am. 20-25 MILLION people here and NO TEAM. The teams we did have aren't all that wonderful, either. The good teams are back east or of course the team in Chicago.

Good morning Scott.

The whales are not doing so well. I hope they make it, but noone is optomistic right now.

SF (Niners-ptoie)is in the middle of the state. I'm more at the bottom. All the way at the bottom is San Diego. I'm north of there about 100 miles, only. AND we don't have any football teams in LA OR ORANGE COUNTY, where I am. 20-25 MILLION people here and NO TEAM. The teams we did have aren't all that wonderful, either. The good teams are back east or of course the team in Chicago.

Hi ScottMGS! Glad you survived.

I think my clock in my pineal gland is telling me that it is time to get horizontal.

Gunga- hope that things go well for you at work- or at least that you can get some beer.

ES- Keep practicing, and you'll be able to simul yourself, too. I can do it because I talk too much.

Goodnight, and Happy Memorial Day!

am so sorry to hear that Elaine Sue.

Good nite DDD, sleep well. Thanks


Elaine Sue, lets sneak into another blog and raid their 'fridge for beer, wine and breakfast treats?


I had a nice breakfast at my friend Faye and her bf Mikey's house today. Got supper, too. Watched the 2 races on their 8ft screen,too. I like it over there.

Sounds great. Nothing like good friends.

Sorry, Gunga, I am going to bed now, too. My doggy needs me in there. She's used to my snoring by now.

Sleep well, good nite.

I always miss the party...oh well.

*plugs in coffeepot for Monday's early risers...*
*puts pan of fresh cinnamon rolls in oven too...*
*goes back to monitoring tropical storm that isn't really a tropical storm anymore, wonders why she has to monitor tropical storm...*

Good morning wxgurl.

morning! seems awfully quiet around here tonight...

Really has been, big week end for most I guess. Are you up early or late?

Up late...I work until 7:30am CDT...


just up. Rainy gray sunrise here. very quiet. is nice.

We've had rain here in OK for the last 3 days. Nice to see sunshine yesterday...Sunrise will begin here in another hour...Looking forward to sleeping part of the holiday away!

Sleep is good! 3 days of rain, not so much.

gonna run for a bit. enjoy the rest of your work day.

You too! Back to tropical storm watching for me...Have a good one!

was this her first day being really fat??? did she gain lots of weight overnight?? bathrooms being reasonably large in our country, you'd have to go far and wide -- and i suspect she might be far and wide -- to get stuck, but they had to tear her house up. where are the pythons when you need them to write something? not that i want to make fun of this person. maybe she has a glandular condition. or maybe she likes to eat a lot. i'm not thin,well, i'm kinda zaftig myself. but, it never occured to me that i could get stuck in my terlet. in our country - the discovery channel would probly have a special about it.

Well, phooey. That story made me put down my Krispy Kreme and get out the non-fat yogurt with fresh berries.

Good afternoon queensbee.

Good morning slyeyes. Forgive me, didn't see you come in.

Hi all, been up for more than 8 hours and working hard as we are not having a holiday today. Rats!!!

Good morning Mot

Sorry to hear that, Mot, but when you're not here, you don't get our holidays! :( I'm sure you get a few we don't, though.

After another 7 hours of sleep, headache is FINALLY gone.

I'll add ES's friend Faye to my list of blogfolk, too. And GLAD to hear she likes the Bears!!!

Morning, Gunga. I'm wearing my sneaky sneakers today so you probably didn't hear me.

Morning, Gunga. I'm wearing my sneaky sneakers today so you probably didn't hear me.

Morning, sly! I never get to meet up with you out here!

*snags 2 of wxgurl's still-warm cinnamon rolls* Mmmmmm.....

Glad to hear headache is gone Diva.

Skyped my daughter last night and they were preparing all kinds of fun things for the holiday.

After the cold spell we had last week, the weather has settled down to the normal winter pattern of cold mornings (about 33 degrees F) to about 68 at midday. I'm currently sitting in the sun doing ion-exchange trials at a brewery. We are putting an alcohol base through a resin column to remove colour, odour and taste. The final product tastes very much like a very good vodka at the moment. Needless to say I have to keep the tasting down to a minimum so as not to fall foul of the fuzz on the way home.

Mornin' everybody.
*pours coffee, LOTS of coffee*

Mot, glad to hear you're takin' it easy on the imbibination. Wouldn't want them old 'fuzz' guys on your tail.

Hi Blurk, for the sake of alliteration I had to resort to the old, sometimes hated, nickname for our boys in blue.

Mornin' blurk! For once I'm up before you!!! Musta been the fourteen hours of sleep (don't hate me). :-D

Nice to see you all bright eyed and bushy tailed DD. Jeez, I hope that doesn't make you sound too much like a squirrel, we know what Dave thinks of those critters.

Squirrely I ain't, Mot. He'd be HARD pressed to match me up with one o' them. :-)

I have never had a headache the likes of which I had last night. Made me so nauseated. I nearly heaved quite a few times, so I finally just gave up and went to bed again.

Feelin' MUUUUUUCH better today!

I'm just havin' a little fun with ya, Mot. Believe me, 'fuzz' is a welcomed relief compared with some things I've been called. Funny thing is, most of 'em don't have anything to to with bein' a cop. ;)

Diva, I've been up since 5:30 (like always), just sat outside with my pup for awhile. And, 14 hours?! Good Lord, woman!! Yer sleepin' yer life away.

I don't spend that kinda time in bed, ordinarily. Leastaways, not without somethin' to occupy my time other than sleep.... ;-)

But with that miserable headache last night, I do not begrudge myself one decadement moment of sleep. I'm probably still catching up from having seen Pirates at midnight Thursday. (Didn't get to sleep until 4:30 Friday morning, then had to be up for work. *GROOOOOAN*)

Good morning blog boys & gals! Special hugs and thank yous to all of those that have served and are still serving this great country of ours!

Um...I'll take one of them 'special' hugs.

Morning all!

We've had a spectacularly warm & sunny weekend! This morning is our first sprinkle of rain, which is supposed to clear up later and then we break out the grills!! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm......charred meat!

*grabs coffee, stays away from pastries in the hopes of becoming a svelte Goddess in time for the RBR Tour!*

Yes, I'll be following them on the ENTIRE tour!

(Yeah, so it's only 1 night)

Hey! She pops in and gets a "special hug" and all I get's a smackdown about sleepin'? Boy. :-(

Bummer way to start MY day.

Good morning. Hope you're feeling better DD. Headaches are nothing to fool with. Hey, blurk & Mot (if you're still around).

I'm happy cause I don't have to go to work on a perfectly good weekday.

Yay for a day off!


DD, casey, Daisy, blurk, Mot..... when are y'all gonna come up to New England??????? I'll organize a Blog reunion if y'all will come! I think Fall is the most gorgeous time to have it!

Well, I suppose I shoulda offered first, since I was here first.

Anyway, blurk, let's just say that I'm glad the bill hasn't come due (you know what I mean), and I for one hope it never will, Sarge.

God bless you and your boys. And not just y'all, but all the rest. Wish there was something more I could do for you today, but that's about the limit of my power.

Diva, the day's still young. Go find yourself a service man and give him a special hug! Blame it on Memorial Day!

Blurkie, can you handle an 84" hug?

I love our troops! (Every chance I get!) There's something about a brave man in uniform!

Y'know, case, that's a grand idea. Don't get many 'round these parts, tho. :-( And I do sooooo love a man in uniform. *sigh*

Theres something MORE about a brave man outta uniform IYKWIM.

gets in line to give blurk a "special hug".

Diva, try Excedrin Migraine formula. I swear by it as do the boysies.


This is gonna be a really good day!!

*Takes dress blues outta the closet*

These are gonna come in real handy today.

Not for long, blurk, not for long.

7 feet? What?


In any case, I'm always glad to toss in that extra little wiggle in a serviceman's hug, too. ;-)

And nice simul before there. Shoulda had blurk between us on that. He coulda had himself a real FIELD day with us two!! Definitely more than a coupla handfuls, iykwim. ;-)

*swwooooooons* over blurkie in his dress blues. DANG, boy! The camo photo's good enough fer me! You put those on and I'm yours for life!! (Remove them and I might NEVER recover....)

Oooh! TWO simuls with casey! This must be in honor of our boys in blue today. You KNOW how they like to watch.

LOL Diva!

84 inches? MY arms aren't even that long. 'Course legs, from the hip down...

*puts dress blues back in closet*

Won't be needin' these after all.

You are a smart man Blurk. Course I already knew that.

DANG, blurk. And I STILL haven't gotten anything but a smackdown for my sleepin' habits.

*offers up a special hug with a wiggle, anyway*

And I unabashedly love you for what you do. Thank you, blurk. (Now don't go all quiet on me. Just take a hug and thank me later.) ;-)

*takes hug...GLADLY*

I likes me some wiggles.

Good. I likes givin' 'em!! ;-)

PS, blurk - you might want to think about Punkin's request on the next thread. She wants help explaining Mem Day to her 5-year-old. I put my two cents in, but you have a way with brevity and you have a daughter, so I thought you'd be a good man for that job.

Maybe this'll help

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