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May 23, 2007



I am leaning against this bus for a good reason.


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Who's holding who up???

Dave looks like he needs a beer. I've heard Harps is pretty decent. Does anyone know?

At least you're not facing the bus... we'd be suspicious that you were paying the rent on the beer, otherwise.

Dave is holding up the bus, Silly!

PirateBoy, I've heard that Harp's is pretty good, but I can only go by third-party knowledge. I've never, personally, knowingly partook (partook?) of any beer.

I wonder if they had any at that sort-of English pub Dave was at earlier today?

I am leaning against this bus for a good reason. Silly Dave. The bartender said take the bus.


A failure to properly decline the verb "to partake" is something up with which we shall not put!

Just try to behave, Dave
And set yourself free

Fine! I decline to partake!

Dave is likely lucky he's at Churchill's. The news is reporting that the police are firing tear gas at rioting fans at the stadium. Makes me want a beer.

The money shot would be the one where Dave tries to take one step forward! I wonder how that but got turned into a pub. Probably involved a drunk driving incident and the lack of the will to actually move the bus back onto the road again.

Also, how that bus got turned into a pub. The but is probably a story that should remain private.

Ahhh Spring... when rioting soccer hooligans bloom beery!

My favorite Churchill quote -
British biddy - "My God, Winston - you're drunk!"
Winston - "Yeah, well, you're ugly, and tomorrow I'll be sober."

Dave's head on the bus goes round and round...

*snork* (AGAIN!) @ S(tevie) W!!

Annie - my favorite Churchill quote:

"A man in his 20's who is not a liberal has no heart. A man in his 40's who is not a conservative has no brain."


*gooses CJ*

Now I know why the previous photos were fuzzy - the camera was calibrated to Dave's eye.

From personal experience, Harp beer is



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