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May 29, 2007


(Thanks to Cheryl Howard)

Update (Thanks to Mark Buckley): We have a new leader.


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Scott - Feel better, Baby!

*passes Scott a Vixen (the drink, not the bartender) with a Bayer floater*

great to catch you too, casey, long time. too long. all is well here, gettin' a little back to normal. sorta.

(I never blurk!$)

If only, Sio....if only! ;-)

Scott!! I do hope you feel better soon!!!!


...and, of course, I meant "two", not "to", too.

Ha Wyo, from what I've heard, you don't know what you're missing!

So I've heard..........

I've been blurking, but I guess now that I'm posting this, I'm not blurking anymore.

Is the Prof someone new? If so, hi!

I'm suffering from what could be terminal depression because the Yankees lost AGAIN tonight. I thought if I wore my A-Rod jersey I could turn things around, but it was not to be.

I'll have a double, please. :(

...and, of course, I meant "two", not "to", too.

Scott, feel better soon, buddy.

I wonder what poor, poor, pitiful Blurk feels like when he reads these posts and hears himself talked about like a slab of meat?

His head is probably so big, that's why he is out rounding cattle all the time on the wide open plains. He can't fit into his house. Poor guy.


Prof is my dearest friend!!!

Prof, El is my cool and awesome lawyer friend!! LOVE her!!! and she lets me use her zipper™!

Good thing blog smooches are relatively germ-free, eh, Siouxie? And, of course, virus free thanks to our good friend$$$, the captcha bot.

Thanks for the well-wishes. I'll just hunker over here in the corner and snooze.

Hi Eleanor.. sorry about your Yankees *cough*... but nice to meet you anyway :)

Scott, you haven't been hanging out in TX have you?

Suz, when you say "LOVE her!!!" is that a command to Prof or what? Is he so scared of you that he just does whatever you say?

How can I get a guy like that?

uh..yeah casey..poor big headed blurk LOL


*enjoys catchin' some ole (not old) timers upon occasion, we caught Jazzzz, but still missin' Meanie the Blue.*

Allrighty kiddos, I'm off to bed. Nice to visit with y'all tonight.

Catch ya tomorrow! Please have coffee ready....

CTP - Texas? I know of at least three bad things happening in TX today (thanks, CNN.com) but none seem relevant.

casey... He is that scared of her *G* <- signature grin... ask Siouxie 'bout that

Scott...smoochies would be real (I don't get sick, ask my girls)!!

casey, Prof ain't escared of me! much LOL

niters casey!!! (btw - email me about NC)


Prof, I love Siouxie back. It's a mutual thing! We're crazy about each other. :) And crazy too, but that's OK. ;)
And thanks for your condolences re the Yankees. Why do I suspect that it might not be 100% sincere???

Yeah Scott, CNN is a good source of bummer news. I try not to read it before I've had my coffee in the morning.

I was referring to the *slight* grammar error Texas so widely advertised the other day.

And, all these 'criminal mastermind' articles that Dave posts are just like so many clients that are now in jail I've represented. ;)

*will let Prof, 'splain' about the Yanks*

*steps aside*

Um, what grammatical error was that, Prof?

I'm just a bit of a Red Sox fan

Ah, yes. Now I recall are conversation. *snork*

Siouxie - Um, sure, I'll ask 'em. *muffle muffle?*



*standin' here in the dark.*

Hand me another beer, wouldya, Sioux?

I think, when Blurk reads these posts, he appreciates being thought of as a slab of meat, waving the tongs....

In Wyomin', we always let are kids wok. (it's cheaper than drivin!)

'course they could ride a horse, if'n they was up to kitchin' 'em one.

(off topic, to CJ)

How's your Rosie comin? did I tell you that my Rosie died? sad day, but it was quick and painless. a fine horse, I'll miss her.

*tosses Wyo another beer* just like old times!

Wyo, with gas prices the way they are... I'm starting to consider a horse.

*hic* ;)

Wyo's trying hard, but I think he's a city boy, now. Where he lives, the horses are in corrals! :)

Well folks, I'm outta here for the night. Nice to meet those I hadn't met yet!

hay ain't cheap either, CT, an' those derned horses eat even when you ain't usin' 'em.

OH, Prof, now I know what you mean! DUH!

*smacks self*

niters Prof!!!

Nighty night, Prof!!

CJ, you're not often wrong, but I ain't no city boy. see any fences in my back yard?

Hola peeples,
Whatcha drinkin? Make mine a triple. What cajones that guy must have to hit on a clerk like he was out with the guys. Oh, he was out with the guys. I'm glad somebody else tried that pick up line before I did. Make sure that one's crossed off my list. That Pendejo.

El - at least your criminals are smart enough to hire YOU. ;) wink wink

whisper voice - if I kiss up, d'ya think she'll give me permanent loan of the zipper?

Been watching a pretty intense movie - WITH SUBTITLES - so I have to stay focused. Check back in l8r.

Albe-q. don't ya think that clerk should'a given that idiot her number, an' then let the cops tap the line?

Anyone seen Mot around these parts? Did Christobol fall off the edge or get sucked in by the weirdness magnet? No one has proposed or made me laugh so hard that I peed my pants lately.

And I kinda miss it, er, them.

Hey Wyo,
I would say that if the she could have thought of it quickly she could've done something like that. But she's probably like me and does her quickest thinking sitting down.

Hey Wyo. It finally happened. My mother bought a mini-mare for the mini-me. A friend of hers is going to keep it out on his farm (raises 'em), but mini-me is going down to OK for a month to work with the critter, and is absolutely thrilled!

Hiya, Albu!! *passes a triple strength mojito to our friend from the SW*

Med, this may not make you pee yer britches, but it did it for me.

Buenos tardes Senora DD,
I'm not familiar with mojitos. Do they have citrus fruit? b/c it helps with scurvy.

*pounces on Med and tickles her till she pees*


anywho...i'm beat ...catch ya all tomorrow!


ROFL, Wyo. You are such a cat person. Just warms my heart.

Sioux - Just the pounce did it. Old gray mare, if you know what I mean.......

*slinks off to change drawers*

What a smoooooochie from the Siouxie. It's only 9:30 here.

med, I'm a cat person all right.

LMAO, Wyo!!

*sends Depends to Med*

Albu, it's got LIME in it!!! Yum!! No scurvy for you!

Wyo, just came back and saw your 10:51 post. I am so sorry for your loss.

{{Sorry about Wyo's Rosie}}}


And CJ, thanks for the House tip. After I saw your post earlier, I went to watch it. They're "cleaning house" on House, huh?

I finished the evening with Denny...Denny Crane. Glad he won his case, the daffy old duck. I had hoped that Clarence would put on his dress tonight, but no such luck.

(I really don't watch that much TV. OK, I guess I do watch a lot, but kind of all at once.)

thanks, Gunga, Rosie was the quintessential, (literal) "old gray mare."

I'll miss her.

"La-la-la-la" fingers in my ears and not looking at Wyo's naaaaaasty Cat Carrier "la-la-la-la"....

Cat R. That was a great episode of Boston legal. Didn't think either case would win.


I''m sorry.

It's crazy, but I'm going to be so depressed if/when Denny loses a case.

Hey, Dan. :-) How are things for you? You made my WHOLE WEEK, you know. :-D

me too Cat

Mmmmm.....and a simul! Made my night, too! ;-)

stick a fork in me, I'm done.

It's been fun, wish I had more time to spend with you all, but alas...

nighters to you all.

Awesome Diva, on both accounts. things go really, really well here. Have huge biz call tomorrow. Will make all the difference. so I am drinking a lot so I look and feel my very best. LOL Arlo Guthry*

how are you this fine night Diva?

'Nite, Wyo, Dan, Diva. The blog is posting veeeeery sloooowly for me and I'm getting sleepy.

Here's a hammer in case the cockroach comes back.

Things are good here. :-)

Hope all goes well with your call!! Have another drink! ;-)

sleep well Cat

alone with a fully stocked blogbar and a blog Jacuzzi! Me happy! Make you a drink Diva?

If I understand the time thing wright, it's been about 10 minutes since the last post?

Sorry for your loss, Wyo.

I gave up riding horses not too long after I fell off of a large Welsh pony and landed on my head. Oh yeah, after that, while I was riding the same pony, she almost got into a fight with a horse. Yikes!

sad to say I dont know the difference between a hot tub and a jacuzzi. You will have to learn me Diva.

Uh, Dan - post-Wyo's cat carrier, just what did you mean by sleep well, Cat? Hmmm.......

Oh, and thanks for the astronut thong, Diva. I'll have that problem surgically resolved as soon as I can relinquish my uter, uh, uh, uh,..... well, you know. :)

Wow Kristina, bet that was disconcerting.

Dan - a hot tub has a heater and jets that blow bubbles. a jacuzzi is a bathtub with jets, no heater (usually), and a redneck jacuzzi is a bathtub after pork and beans night.

*changes into bikini and hops into the jacuzzi*

I'll take a Kahlua and cream tonight, Dan. Hop in?

Kristina - that is why I am thankful for the mini-mare. It's about the same size as my golden retriever. :) Not too far to fall. And incredibly tame.

*quick peek in* Anybody seen anything resembling a large angry Humboldt squid? I was at another bar and didn't know it was standing behind me when I asked, "Is it me, or does something smell like decomposing fish in here?" Apparently, squid are VERY sensitive to that sort of comment..

It was extremely disconcerting. I was lucky and wasn't really hurt (I still don't know how). I landed on the grass. Kinda cured me of being "horse crazy".

Who had pork and beans tonight? Diva! ;)

Slides a caucasion across the bar.

meditrina, I ment have a good night and sleep well to Cat R. I swear. Was avoiding the pic thing.

It was extremely disconcerting. I was lucky and wasn't really hurt (I still don't know how). I landed on the grass. Kinda cured me of being "horse crazy".

I do still think horses are beautiful, but I have no desire to ride them.

OK - SO, we have a hot tub instead. My bad. :-)

Love the bikini..... polka dots are so IN!

Am there Diva! here is your drink.

Wait - that's my skin with the polka dots. My bad. :-p

Hey, Rick! Join us in the HOT TUB, will ya? Kristina, Med - you're welcome, too! I have several suits for you to choose among.

And no pork and beans for me, Med! I had mac & cheese.

*takes Kahlua and cream from Dan; makes room for him in the hot tub*

Kristina - Have you ever been to a rodeo? Your experience should make you REALLY appreciate the risk and the physical power those cowboys have. Not to mention pain tolerance, narcotics, or both.

would do the hot tubbing, but I have an early day tomorrow. Hope the water is suitably regualated to everyones taste.

Diva - I already made you a caucasion (white russian),a little quote from The Big Lebowski. Humph.

My apologies, Med. Didn't get ya! ;-) I'll take that as a backup.

Two hundred FIRST!

LOL Scott

Hells Bells! I WANTED TO BE #200! well fine then...*kicks self in own ass*

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