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May 16, 2007


Yikes. She's coming here.


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Run, Forrest, Run!!!!!

So Dave, this is your chance to hide somewhere far away from Miami, like say my neighborhood, until Britney is gone.

a FIFTEEN MINUTE show?! lol

"Tickets for the 15 minute show..."


People not only pay real money to see Lipsync Barbie but they pay for a 15 minute show?

There really is one born every minute.

The question is was any of the diaper used as cigarette material?

My condolences.

this calls for a one of Barons' applications of explosives. or napalm.

OMG! I can't make it! I've got to watch cheese age on Sunday.



You could buy one of her CD's for a third of that price and get to hear

1. More music
2. Repeatedly


Baron - don't nuke Britney, nuke the entire audience....

at least the girl knows how to change a diaper. if the lip synching/writhing on the floor gig doesn't keep her in cheetos she can always get work as a nanny nothing. never mind.

ww, are there multiple Barons that apply explosives, and if so, who are they? Just askin'.

Let's just hope that Paris, Lindsey, and Nichole are nowhere nearby. That, along with the famed weirdness magnet, might result in an intelligence black hole and a critical mass of shaved naughty bits.

OMG. That headline gave me a start. For a moment there I was thinking that Twitney had won my tickets to the Rock Bottom Remainders. I was prepared to scratch her eyes out object. Whew. Disaster Averted.

I am here to say that I have absolutely no soapbox for this one. You may commence with the taunting of Ms. Spears.

However, the article does lead one to question whether or not Ms. Spears actually caused the traffic jam, or if the pepperoni pamplini paparooni press did.

Britney should join the Rock Bottom Remainders...

Bãrön - Shaved Naughty Bits wbagnfarb.

judi, let's go down there and pull her wig off! LOL

Schade, it's papanicolaou.

for $40, how may .223 rounds can I buy and hit with a hammer to stop this pain?

sorry Baron, it might have been a Hammie suggestion from a post yesterday. I get my men mixed up all the time.

Siouxie - are you suggesting that the press are responsible for the pap smear?

It's a solution to a problem.

EYEBLEACH please, Schade!!

Hmmmmmm...$40 for 15 minutes of Twitney lip-synching, or $35 for a charity concert given by the RBRs?

Lessee - what's the better deal?

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