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May 10, 2007


Be very careful.


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"evidence of past roach activity"

at a college? nah...

Two Cockroach infested joints in the same town. What are the odds?

seems to me a customer has a scam going on...

mmmm...crunchy sashimi surprise....
pass the frog juice, please...

Hmmm Paris, frogjuice and roaches...somewhere there is a connection...

Isn't there still a $0.25 bounty on these guys? All we need to do is get the museum together with the restaurants, and then stand back and admire the beauty of the symbiotic relationship we helped to foster.

After that, we can all sing "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing" together while figuring out how to work a booger joke into it...

Only one time in 20 years did I find a roach in my seared ahi tuna. It was very rare.

Whoa! look at the time! lunch anyone?

Man! That roach gets around!

Aren't roaches a 'delicacy' in Japan?

at least the kids are getting their protein.

Hey, it was the 'Chef Special.' You want special? You got it.

Shhhhhh. Don't tell anyone or they will all want one.

Does this reporter just troll around town looking for the hot cockroach stories?

and for dessert, some lovely crunchy frrrrog. yum.

I'll have a bubble tea, hold the um, bubbles,

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