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April 21, 2007


Snake wine.


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Two "YUKs" in a row!

Nice way to start Saturday, Dave. ;)

And two FIRSTS for me - yay!

This will help with the sadness I'm feeling because the Yankees are not on a TV station I can watch today *sobs*, even though I paid the big bucks for the MLB.TV extra innings package. :(

Sorry, but I'm just not spending my dong on snake wine.

I guess I'll go for the trifecta, since I seem to be the only one here.

Okay, not only is the bot incredibly unfriendly, it is racist, having me type "randomly" the letters "kkk". White cracking bot!


Hi, Bethie!

Hi El! I guess we are the only ones who didn't go out partying last night!

Somehow I don't think their bottling regulations are all that tough. So if they list ethanol as an ingredient, imagine what's really in there.

They may have meant to write ethyl alcohol (the stuff that doesn't kill you, rather that methyl alcohol), but had the handy dandy Vietnamize to Swahili to English dictionary.

Hang on a sec....


I think I just spewed out my gallbladder.

How did they get this home in a one-quart baggie?

"Makes man strong!" This is true. I'd have to gather up a helluva lot of strength to be able to down that s!&t.

I buddy of mine just came back with a bunch of vacation photos from there. He showed us pictures just like this of Snake and Bee wine. Said it takes a year for the snake wine to ferment and for the venom to reach non-lethal levels. Bee wine ferments for about 6 months before you can drink. He actually enjoyed it. Said it wasn't the best tasting, but it was really strong.

The bottle in the saleswoman's hand looks like it's snake wine with a scorpion chaser.

*holds out for a bottle of Brunello*


Thanks, but I will stick to SSSSSSprite.

I cannot quantify how much I would NOT pay for a bottle of this.

ethanol+ethyl alcohol... same-same.

Ethanolizard, not so much!

Indeed Cjun speaks the truth.

But I would have concerns about some of the other ingredients. I read a very disturbing article recently about an epidemic of liver failure in Russia, after one manufacturer of bootleg vodka found a cheap source of 95% pure ethanol. Alas the other 5%, not so pure or good for you,

I think I'd actually drink gasoline before I'd drink this snake stuff. At least I know the exact ingredients and octane level. And I don't have to see a fermented velociraptor or other dino species lying at the bottom of the gas can. Blearrrgh.

Bet that stuff's got a helluva bite.

*snork* at blurk!

Thanks, wxgurl. Made my day.

*snaps fingers*

Darn! And if I'd been here earlier, I coulda made blurk's night day....

Thanks to a friend who travels regularly on container ships, I've tried the snake stuff.

It's vile. Truly vile. Remember dissecting frogs in high school science class? The chemically preserved meat/formaldehyde smell? This tastes just like that.

However, it made me strong enough not to throw it up immediately after. Or maybe it just killed all my autonomic nerve functions so my gag reflex disappeared.

true story:

my brother has a bottle of snake wine (with cobra) that he received as a gift from a vietnamese friend. the label says "for neuralgia and sweat of limbs". i have (somewhere) a digital photo of the bottle, but never thought to send it to the blog.

HOW could you have missed that opportunity, o ye of the butt snake?!

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