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April 23, 2007



("Thanks" to CJrun)


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That is NUTS.

Now THAT's a restaurant theme I can relate to!

First first! Now I can move on with my life.

He looks a little uncomfortable after being kicked in the n#ts 20 times. Wonder why?

... he insists on this hard practice... .

I bet it's never hard anymore!


"I'll have the eggs over easy..."

I'm typing totally blind. Has anyone seen my eyes? They bugged otu and have gone rollling around on the floor somewhere....

"Iron Egg Skill"
"...skill of soft techniques."
You have to figure that after training for a long time, there isn't much 'iron' left, hence the soft techniques.

No wonder it took them so long to build the Great Wall. "Look, mamasan - no hands!"

I'm...speechless. Really.

The next World Cup will be held in Bangkok.

I had a roomate who didn't flinch if he got hit in the b@lls. He said it was from growing up with a lot of sisters

*SNORK* Annie....

I grew up with a lot of sisters, and let me tell you what, I flinched just watching that.

What they didn't reveal is that all of the targets sing in lovely soprano voices.

"The Iron Eggs" wbagnfarb

Boys are weird.

Question about the recently-posted item about homeless and fecal sleeping laws: Has Gene Weingarten ever written a funny column? I haven't read one yet, and this one certainly ain't it. The only semi-funny stuff he has is stolen from Dave. Making up clever possible laws! What a scream! He's got me reaching for my alloted one square of toilet paper to clean up the mess.

Sorry, Annie, only scrambled eggs here!

Aren't they supposed to ro-sham-bo for who gets to kick first?

Brad - I thought it was 'rock-paper-scissors.'

Gary. I, for one, find Gene Weingarten very funny and since His Daveness also likes him, I consider myself in spectacular company. I'm sure I'm not the only one with this opinion. We generally use sarcasm with a light touch as it's a very spicy seasoning.

PS - You've posted your comment on the wrong thread.... :)

Yes, Gene and Dave are real, and they're spectacular.

pssst - this is the part where everyone gets a snack and a nap before we begin our desiccation of "24."

Dessication? Don't you mean dissection? Dessication would be somewhat drier...

CH - here in SoCal, it's dessication. We're in a drought.

Satire (n)
1. the use of ridicule or scorn, often in a humorous or witty way, to expose vices and follies. 2. a literary example of such ridicule or scorn.

ot (sad) - CNN is reporting that the writer David Halberstam died today in a car accident in San Francisco. :(

All I can say is...ouch guys...I feel your pain!

No, actually, Siouxie. You don't. Count your lucky stars! On the other hand, you *could* kiss it and make it better.

That's how my ta ta's got so stretched out....

Gary, come to the WP at noon tomorrow. The Gene bashing has not yet begun.

OH MY, Scott!!


and *snork* @ Punkin's ta ta's!!!

I'm familiar with the concept of satire. I understand it's not always funny in a way that would make somebody actually laugh - e.g. much of Jane Austen. I base my comment more on the fact that every single column or article of his that I read cannot be meant as subtle satire. I mean, I know he's Dave's buddy and all, and I greatly respect His Daveness for maintaining their friendship in the teeth of very poor attempts at humor, but the bounds of friendship only go so far.

Because guys like to do things with their testicles.

*blushes because he made Siouxie blush*

*laughs at Scott's big fake blush....*

*SNORK*@ Punkin'. Gary, get a room... with yourself. Most of us see enough of folks trying to build themselves up by tearing other people down, without having to see it dragged out on a humor Blog.

Ooh, CJ - good one. Usually I get to know a guy better before I slam him like that, but...nice style.

*blushes @ Scott's blushing over me blushing*

Well, that's one way to enforce that whole 'monk celibacy' thing.

Annie, I think over easy is out of the question. The eggs are already scrambled.

Actually this is the new treatment for an enlarged prostate.

I too am speechless, but if I had anything to say it would be in a VERY HIGH VOICE...

That is all...

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