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April 23, 2007


Key mystery quote: "In Taipei, pressure on people is high, and they want a place near home where they can feel relaxed."

(Thanks to sthnbelle)


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Chinese gustatory experience OTD, SF

awesome day! Got posted and first! Ollie Ollie end free. snork. Now can some one show me the secret handshake?

dang, but close



Get it.

Sorry, GungaDan, you'll have to wait to learn the secret handshake.

(Right, everyone?, winkwink)

And Yea me!

Sure, GungaDan, I'll show you the handshake. Turn around.

Congrats, S'belle! But what are these people thinking? And a Holocaust-themed restaurant? WTF?

and you just know they have some chocolate dessert that they serve in a bedpan...

What do you tip a doc who performs circucisions?

You can go ahead and send in your "First" club dues, however - check payable to "Dave Barry for President (Yes, of the United States)"

*tosses 'm' up there*...rats

Yeah, nothing says relaxation like a trip to the hospital!

Thanks, I think I'll cook for myself tonight. And tomorrow. And for the entire foreseeable future.

And, AWbh, obviously, sausage.

A guy with liver problems running a bar. Cooincidence?

"Years ago, a Taipei bistro tried a Holocaust theme, but eventually removed items and photos reminiscent of Nazi Germany brutality under pressure from Jewish groups."

Oh, wow.

At least you don't have to wear those flimsy paper gowns.
I wonder if my HMO covers this. I wonder if my HMO covers anything.

Shouldn't there be a nuclear war bar, too, where the waitresses all have mutations?

(Why do I have a strong premonition that I will regret suggesting this in a place where those wacky Taipaieans can read it?)

YAY! sbelle!!!


Full meal from a toilet bowl?.............Ok....I'll say it...."Tastes like sh!t"


Hmmmm - something tells me we aren't in Kansas anymore, Toto.

DO NOT try the liver and onions at this place!

Toto makes the toilet bowl

Jazzz - I think that was posted here ages ago. CH - that's no worse than the Holocaust theme.

There used to be a restaurant in LA that prided itself on the insults the waiters would toss at you. I can't remember the name.

I'll have the 'heart attack on a plate,' please.

Hey! I guess that toilet-bowl place is a tabletop teriaki grill joint then, eh?

If your fork happens to fall, whatever you do, do NOT bend OVER!

*Mild Warning*

"Bip... bip... bip.... beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee."
"Ah, your dinner is now ready, Mr. Chang."

Do you have the "rectal polyp" appetizers?

With fries like that, who needs enemas?

Boy, they'll deep fry anything these days, won't they?

Siouxie!!!!!!!! "acceessories (sic) not included" .
Please tell me you have that outfit ;-)


"Did you know I have my father's eyes? Really. Right here on my plate."

We'll need pictures, of course. :-D

Jazzzzie, I borrowed it from Annie...

Annie -- might you be thinking of Dick's Last Resort? There was one here in Denver, but it went away.

"So, the good news is that my date kept his hands where I could see them all night..."

Sio...order me two of the "candy posing pouchs" from men's wear, please.

Two? o.O

I'll have the pupu-bladder. Better make that 'to go.'

WD - it had a 50's style theme. Wish I could remember.

Siouxie - this time, when you're done with it, get it drycleaned, for peter's sake. -Peter's sake (saki?) really leaves a stain.

OK Jazzzzie!! Butt, I think you'd look better in THIS!

*Warning...c*ck shown*

"volumn" discount

*SNORK* & EW @ the Poop Poop Bladder!!

now THAT is a pecker

you mean 'volume dicks count.'


Yeah Annie....Any girl that says "size doesn't matter" is lying. I am of course talking about serving sizes at the restaurant.

...which is, sooner or later, closely related to the shirt size.... which most assuredly does count.

*orders finger food and a frosty Ringer's beverage*

CJ?? what?? no hooters hot wings for ya??

Why have a restaurant with a hospital theme? I say have a hospital with a restaurant theme...Paging Dr.Dahmer...Paging Dr.Dahmer you're wanted in Daves Blog.

I'm Dyin with the lack of humor at this place...CUT out the backslappin it's not humor.

"I'll have the 'funny bone' well done, please."
*pat's self on back*

*snorksnorksnork!!* to nearly everyone the whole way down....

WHY, OH (not Wyo), WHY is Nurse Tammy asleep for this one....?

Oh, the comments she'd be making....

And, Annie - could it have been an Ed Debevic's? They did the insult thing to a T.

DeskDiva - ding ding ding - Ed Debevic's! Of course. Thank you.

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