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April 25, 2007


Now they're using rioting pregnant cows.

(Thanks to Geoff, who states "My wife was the same way.")

UPDATE: In other news involving livestock behaving inappropriately in Berlin, we have this. (Thanks to Siouxie)


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Geoff: One word of advice -- RUN!!!!!

How does that book go?

If you take a horse to the bank, he'll probably...

As for the horse making a late-night ATM deposit, I think I must have used that same ATM. I went to make a withdrawal, and got s@*t.

Just to complete the trilogy ......

Geoff... do you need a comfy couch for the night? Oh, wait, my wife would probably object, since...

well you know.


on the cow:

"She probably won't remember any of it when she wakes up again..."

That's probably how she got pregnant in the first place...drunken HO slut!

"Don't talk to sheep. Sheep lie."

'Parking the horse' in strange places while drunk. Yep. But never in a bank.

In the continuing saga of Animals In The News...

They're outta control I tell ya!!

I thought Sammy actually went rather well with the bank's decor. Rather fetching and friendly looking. They should have more horses in the bank.

Oh sure if girls go wild they film it and annoy us every night with the commercials, but if livestock goes wild they call the police.

*snork* at CH!

News update: Cow and calf did not survive. Story here.

awwww...that's sad.

a now a moment of silence for the cow...

*fires up the BBQ*

Of course, I meant and now...

Hey everybody, Sio's having burgers full of tranquilizers! Let's go over so we can play with her... Easy Bake Oven!

German Shepherds have to keep records of their (not there) sheep? Who even knew they had studios? Or instruments? Or thumbs, for that matter?

Am I really the first to note that Rioting Pregnant Cows WBAGNFARB?

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