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April 22, 2007



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Ya gotta admire their tenacity. This is best done roughly three seconds before dispatching them with a well-aimed .22 caliber weapon.

squirrel issues? they're nuts.

This is why we need to introduce hawks and falcons to suburbia.

Hmm k..since blurk is "back", I will no longer be the one to say it...

shot. gun.

I think they're behind this whole "global warming" hype. They want to get us to stop using good ol' electricity any way they can...

I say we save the baby seals AND keep our power grid intact by wearing only squirrel fur coats.

And underwear. I bet that would tickle.

Oooh, Punkin! You do have the most delicious ideas. Or did you get the idea from Raquel Welch?.

But you might not want to wear it in Uzbekistan.

Mmmmmm.....fur-lined region.....

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