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April 24, 2007


Strikes Again

(Thanks to DavCat)

Photo/Video Update


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A "pants burrito"?

Can't. Stop. Laughing.

Hey baby, wanna fondle my burrito? Now that is one line I have not heard. Thankfully.


Yay, Siouxie! Were you there as WonderWoman?


I saw this (and sent it too - DavCat beat me to it ;-P) and I couldn't stop LAUGHING!!!

shhhhhhh, Hammie...that was my secret identity!!!!

The "Captain America Pants Burrito Experience" WBAGNFA what?

but, but, we LOVE captain america!!

By: jimmy buffett
Can you tell me where I might find my friend and companion
Now he looks a little different from anything youve seen
He likes to beat the bass drum for justice and salvation
Hes got the brains of einstein and the brawn of mister clean

Hes a lightnin flash wholl make the dash from one coast to the other
To stop a crime or lend a dime or help his aging mother
Captain america we love you, captain america youre grand
Oh spiro agnew eat your heart out captain americas our man

Caption: "Raymond Adamcik, aka Captain America, after his arrest. Burrito not pictured."

Thankfully, the burrito was not pictured!

"What's that in the sky?"

"It's a bird!"

"It's a plane!"

"No, it's Superman!"

"No it isn't, silly. That's Wonder Woman. Can't you see her strappy sandals and toevage?"

Doesn't he know he's supposed to use a zucchini?


LOL Scott! Remember it's an invisible plane.

This is me before the burritos and this is me after the burritos.

Watch out, Superman!!

I knew there were reasons I shouldn't read this blog at work. Thankfully I don't drink anything while reading it anymore. The guy in the next cube is staring at me right now.

my son has this costume. now i know why we're always out of burritos......

Lecherous Superhero WBAGNFAPB

cg, that is WAY more than we needed to know about your boy.

Was he really dressed as Captain America, or was he supposed to be Captain Hero?

Onohs! The bot has my scent! Save me Obi-Wan Daveness, you're my only hope!

Great Scott! It is Wonder Woman!

considering this is the kid who told me that he thinks he was supposed to be born a girl, it's actually a good thing!

CH, better tell Clark Kent too ;-P

CH - It has us all by the short & curlys (except for those Brazilians among us).


DANG, Siouxie! How many burritos you got stuffed in that thing?

cg - how old is this one?

"Removed the snack & groped her".
I'd have to ask Mr. Grammar Person, but I think there's something wrong with that sentence, eh?

um...I was hungry, jon...

Well, I bet he got his burrito touched during the pat down. I bet he got his taco searched too.

"Local police spokeswoman Jill Frederiksen said: 'We don't usually arrest people in costume.'"
Do they take their police uniforms off first then?

<sigh>Doesn't anyone study grammar anymore?</sigh>

Dang, Siouxie! Pass the eyebleach. You need to warn on that second pic (and I won't believe that's you!).

"all Captain America's [sic] were asked to go outside for a possible identification.'"
How can you not identify Captain America?

Sorry, Scott!

Well..I'm not as tall in person once the wig comes off...and the camera always adds 10 lbs, right? ;-P

Deer Jon:


And how many cameras were on you, Siouxie?

dude - the burritos supposed to go in the front.

Going to have to wear this every day now, Ken!

LOL jon!

Classic line: When one woman refused to touch the burrito, it is alleged that the doctor removed the snack and groped her.

"Hey baby, is that a burrito in your tights or...what? It is a burrito! WTFBBQ?!"

Yay, JON!! I have been a member of a roving band of rogue proofreaders for years now. Your membership has been approved.

*hands jon a laminated membership card, worth absolutely nothing*

And Jeff? I believe, according to Siouxie or Annie or someone, it's now WTFBBQICU...

Well, that's what happens when your father regularly beats you as a child for using dangling participles and misplaced modifiers!

Siouxie, so that was, what?, 7 cameras?

I dunno, a rolled up sock always worked for me. had I used burritos all the dogs in the neighborhood would've been following me, very embarrassing.

You and mud, Mot.

Not only shouldn't he have asked her to feel his burrito, he should never have groped her chimichangas.

Note to self, hold the hot sauce... .

Or her chalupas, Meanie ;-)

I'm not wasting my time on just any ole burrito. Make mine a Burrito Supreme, please!

I SO need one of those shirts, jon.

Oh, yeah! There's nothing hotter than a chick in Grammar clothing!

Mmm, baby!

Just because I'm a big dork, and bad grammar drives me absolutely crazy!!

Besides, Smart IS Sexy, right?


Wanna come upstairs & see my Funk & Wagnall's??

No conjugating, please!

(Not until the popcorn's ready, at least).

s'belle: Smart is sexy because the brain is the largest sex organ!

So, Captain America, Captain America, & Captain America walk into a bar... .

jon, you should never end a sentence with a prepproposition

And the bartender says,"I've got that takeout order of burritos ready for you guys."
And the Captains America say,"No thanks, we'll wear 'em here."

(That's a pretty long stretch of the joke, huh?)

I prefer to end the evening with a proposition.

Judi better post something new soon — this is starting to get ugly, by which, of course, I mean the content, not the contributors!

Jon's right. We're liable to mistakenly split an infinitive or something if we keep this up.

Meanie, you smooth talking devil!
Watch out, ladies. He's just trying to be sound all edumacated... .

To safely split infinitives, one must use a sharp knife.

*Tries to keep his gerund in his pants*

analogy: if Captain America stuffs a burrito down his tights then Zorro stuffs in his tights a
a) chesseburger
b) footlong hot dog
c) corn on the cob
d) a bigger burrito

what superhero would you most want to be in bed?

a) captain marvel
b) rubberman (needs no prophyllactics)
c) the amazing trump
d) the one with the biggest burrito

what's the best pick-up line for superheros?
a) what's your sign? since I was born on Zorglon 7, mine is The Oosik
b) are you made of kryptonite, 'cause suddenly i'm weak in the knees!
c) i'm only mild-mannered on the outside...
d) touch my burrito,wench!

I'll have a wet burrito, please!

Does not want to know where Wonder Woman keeps her burrito!

I think we *all* know that, Jon.


Great Scott - why do you think all us girls think you guys are sexy 'round here? It's cuz it's ALL in the mind. ;) Er, brain. Yeah. You engage the brain....

"All Captain Americas were asked to go outside for a possible identification"

Uh, shouldn't that be "Captains America?"

I'd like two Whoppers Junior, please.

I thought it was a different item of Mexican cuisine...

*informs CH that he was post # 69*


Well, now we know why the Mona Lisa is really smiling, don't we?

Scott: She has gas from that burrito?

*thinks* Hmmm... Could be, could be. That's not usually my expression but, who knows? :-)

IMHO, if we were there, we'd hear a faint buzzing sounds coming from the nether regions...

oohhhhh Leonardo!!!

*sneaks up and grabs that extra s*

bzzzzzzzzzzz bzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Siouxie, I'm guessing you're at home now....? ;)

*narrows eyes* You weren't sneaking up on me, were you, Siouxie? Hey! Where are my Ss?

hehe...yep, I'm home now ;-)

SSSSSSSSSSSSSSs for you, Scott!

Wait, wait - too many! Now everyone's going to know I have a big S!

It's a sad day indeed when Captain America shoves Mexican food in his pants. He should be putting American food down there - like a hot dog.

Sssssssssnake ???

Ooh. Scott, some of us like big Sssses....

Da Vinci was the complete artist, after all.

Kinda NSFW

is that a buritto in your pants, or are you just happy to see me? with apologies to Mae West.....

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