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April 21, 2007



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FIRST to say YUK!

India: Land of Rare Opportunities.

Okay, I have to admit, if I had the choice of getting sprayed by cow urine or getting kissed by Richard Gere, I would choose the cow urine.

Sharad Kaithade = Aha! A trashed kid!

And their country has the bomb! NTTAWWT.

Bleh, can you imagine how hard it will be to get the smell out of that classroom?

DANG! You mean I don't HAVE to smell like this??

*runs off to get money back from local purifier*

*now realizes she should not look for purifiers on flyers at Pic-n-Pay*

"How was your time at school today?"

"Pissed away"

If that's their idea of "purification," I don't want to know how they get dirty.

Sheesh, this is udderly ridiculous!

Don't have a cow, man. Please don't.

Okay, go ahead . . .

"...spray cow urine...the students were taking an examination, wetting their faces and their answer sheets, the newspaper said."

It coulda been worse. It coulda been during an oral exam.

so they were 'untouchable' before their baptism by Bossy?

were they taking the Pee-SATS?

(think the Police)
new teacher, so high-caste
our faces make him retch
you'd think that, in India
there'd be a better catch

before finals, math, physics
a dowsing would help us try
"i'll make you all whiz kids
oh, keep your pappers dry"

don't land, don't land
don't land cow piss on me! (repeat)

some teachers bring flowers
to brighten up a class
and others hold 'showers'
to help their students 'pass'

if you think that you're better
that those you teach, by caste
you're totally unsuited
get a new job, really fast!


No wonder Microsoft tech suppport told me to p1ss on my PC.

your papers dry...

*snork* @ ins....well, you all know the rest...

wavey, having many Indian friends I'm proud to offer this means for getting dirty.

and of course the revenge is that the teacher has to grade all those nasty papers...

So that explains why yoga is a stream of consciousness kind of thing...

I've never been a pupil cow
I never hope to be one
But I can really smell you now
I'd rather not get peed on by one.

Maybe they were taking a urine test.

I bet they will sue, and win. Imagine a class of Indian students, running around at recess singing Urine the Money.

Orcel: So what's the best detergent for getting out rainbow ring around the collar?

Weavy, that would be this.

another pict.

ugggh excuse the spelling Wavey

and all this time I've been tryin' to use club soda!

btw, wxgurl, if/when you're out there I need a bio for this site.

Wyooooooooooooo! (Hey, I haven't gotten to do it yet, so sue me! Or better yet, don't.)

Oh yeah, a bio...(sorry, Wyo, I am prone to blonde moments here lately, I call it lack of sleep) hope this works for the site!

Really I'm just a hyper, yet entertaining girl from Kansas, now transplanted to the land of Oklahoma!! Yes, everytime I say Oklahoma, I break out into a rousing chorus of "OKLAHOMA, where the wind comes whipping down the plains!" Sadly, this is starting to drive Mr. Wxgurl a bit crazy. In between entertaining myself while reading this blog at work, I love to watch storms form here in the midwest with an occasional tornado chase to satisfy the adrenalin junky in me. It's a good life for me, Mr. Wxgurl, and the dogs. Life is never boring.

Affirming it is still way better to be p1ssed off than p1ssed on.

Golden showers splash your knees
Help you ace your SAT's
Pee, you upperclassmen, do not whine
With cow urine you're purified

Holy cow!
I'm so glad we Catholics stuck with plain old holy water.

What a piss poor teacher. If I had to put up with that crap, I would have complained too. I mean really, teachers gloating over you during class is dumb. But to purify them because the teacher lacks the brains to figure out that cow dung does not cure cancer is showing a low IQ.
I bet there cafeteria serves garbage.

but Nurse Tammy, you are on there! and thanks, wx, your bio's in place.

well, orcel - THAT is a cow of a different color....

And belated snork @ insom for The Nagara Vyavasthā*

Stevie W and PirateBoy - snorks!!

Hey, WYOOOO! Thanks again for posting my stuff last night. You can always include my myspace info, too: www.myspace.com/kebodyma.

*"Police" in Hindi

Wyo, I tried to add a profile to that a while back and it wouldn't come up for some reason. How do you add a picture and bio?

Bethie, I've been out of the net lately and still don't have my own computer or internet working. I use my daughter's at times. If you have a photo already published on the web somewhere, (such as MySpace) I can pick it up that way. Otherwise you can get the Info to Siouxie, we can work something out.

PS, I can possibly be reached at www.myspace.com/wyocowperson.

My, Wyo - what a politically correct myspace address you have. :) I just added you to mine.

In Japan, cow piss (actually Calpis) is a favorite drink.

I feel like celebrating being added to the blogger page!

I'll take some Calpis...or margarita....

On the subject of urine, Lyndon Johnson said:

"Sure he's an enemy, but I'd rather have him on the inside pissing out than on the outside pissing in."

Deskdiva - I'm guessing 'wyocowboy' was already taken.

And if cow pee disgusts you, I sure hope you're not taking Premarin.

Brad - what a link!

"Lactic fermentation" makes me want to grab my breasts and HIDE them....

Rajat, have you been misbehaving?

Ah, no, Teacher. ::gulp::

Fetchez la vache!

Cool wyo, I'll add you! I do have a picture on myspace for you. I'll message you and send it to you and a bio as well!

Wyo, sorry but I can't risk my profile falling into the wrong hands. You'll have to do without it.

Edgar, I understand, and I'll survive. It's a wacky world out there, and you never know when someone will sprinkle you with urine.

*fetches umbrella, hides in local carwash*

Haha, Orcel. Gotta try some BARF detergent (hopefully it's unscented). And don't worry about the spelling of my nickname; I know I even spell it wrong -- should properly be Wavy but I kind of like that "e" in there.

Pissed off about bein' pissed on...yep, sounds about right to me.

Evenin' everyone.

Wyo, If only it was Urine, I'm concerned about.

Gotta say, after re-reading the article, margaritas don't sound so good...too close in color to the offending urine. How about a good strawberry margarita instead!!

My sincere apologies to West Side Story.

You just wet my face with urea
It’s such a bloody shame
I’ll never be the same
I’ve been dissed with some cow’s urea
And suddenly my test
Smells different from the rest
In class
Say it cleansed; now, that thought’s dismaying
Say no more; I’m quite sure I’m not staying

You have to stop spraying urea!

It's really late.
Nighty-night, all! Sweet dreams!

*shuffles in before going to bed*


Ducky that was brilliant!!!!

Hiya, blurkie!!! (yeah, I know I'm late)

Ducky that was brilliant!!!!

Hiya, blurkie!!! (yeah, I know I'm late)

Apparently it was DOUBLY brilliant.

That's why I always took my classes piss/fail.

Excuse me young man, do you have a hall piss?

Deskdiva, I can grab your breasts and hide them. Just sayin.

Good morning Boogers!!!!

WAKEY WAKEY! Coffee's hot and cinnaminummun buns are warm!!

Yum...coffee, cinnaminummun buns, and no calories!!

Siouxie, you are the greatest! Well, got to hit the road today. Back to KC to put the house on the market!! Yay! Have a good one!

Shhheeewwttt, missed cinnaminummun buns while I was out falling out of trimming trees! Now, I'm doing the bacon and egg sammich calorie replacer thing prior to driving up to Steinhatchee (the Jewish Indian town) to scope out an old motel. Because everybody needs an old motel!

See ya on the back side!

and a belated *SNORK* to deaner...p1ss off, p1ss on...HAH!

And *SNORK* at Ducky, too. Another cunning earwig to infect my brain...

I missed the buns too...that cow pisses me off.

Hey! mornin' blurk! I'm sure we can spare some buns for ya!

Not used to seeing you on a weekend...

any buns left?! they go with beer, right?

*HI* blurk!!! welcome home.

and if Wyo shows, *HI* to you too!

Stevie - There is now grape frickin' Welch's all over my keyboard thanks to you! Now get over here and help me clean this mess up!


And, uh, Macho? I think I have them well in hand.... But thanks for the offer.

Hey, wx - when you get here, email my myspace and we can hook up for dinner or something!

Why do I keep missing Blurk & Wyo?????


For the same reason I do, Punkin.

*joins Punkin in the pouting corner*

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