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April 25, 2007



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So the toddler toddled away? Fancy that!

Maybe he had a few beers that morning, eh Dave?

Tell me this hasn't happened to YOU!!!

His head must have been big for the head to get stuck on his heaaaaaaaaad....

Oh and first?

Maybe he was talking to God on the big white telephone!

"Oh God I will never drink again!"

4th? Geeze!

Jazzzzie. NO.

Toilet seats? Lamp shades? What's the difference when it comes to party dressings?

*must check what's inside that toddler's bottle*

YEP! Slightly fermented apple juice!

They failed to mention the toddler's name, shoddy reporting. I did a bit of research and the youngsters name is Richard Head.

Soap'n him up on the toilet seat - cant they get in trouble for that?

I smell suspect child abuse here.

a small trainer seat for the toilet

Toilets need training?

Man....I hate when that happens....

You can remember college?

London is now in Africa?

girl children would NEVER do this.

Was his face flushed?

"girl children would NEVER do this."

yeah and boys don't wear shoes with glitter on 'em what's your point?

Mmm, Siouxie! Nice Boots!
Hope you have a pair...

Dang! fooled by the back button!

LOL jon...oopsie?

Thanks, again!

Oh. Poor jon. *pats jon's back button*

nice one, Wally.

At least he wasn't drinking out of the dog's dish.

after he got a toilet seat stuck on his head which he couldn't get off.

Well thank goodness he couldn't get his head off....


he has *sing-song voice* "ring around the collar, ring around the collar"

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