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April 23, 2007


This product (thanks to Debra Weaver) should help raise awareness, as should this column by Mr. Gene Weingarten (thanks to Andrew Hoenig).


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*explains to dog he'll have to use the neighbor up the street's yard*

I'll be sure to clean the skid marks out of the (low flow) bowl before I let my kids go to bed tonight.
And I'll need to hose the bird cr@p off of my roof by about 8:00.
Oh, Dear Lord!! It just occurred to me that there are earth worms all throughout the dirt in my yard, and they are all cr@pping, too.
I guess I have to stop at the police station on the way home and turn myself in. Blog y'all in 5 to 10.

Weingarten is a genius, but he failed to get a satisfactory answer to the question of how a 'draft idea' by an official got made into law by Las Vegas, however temporarily. I mean, in any country, politicians are eternally vigilant in ensuring that oppressive legislation never gets onto the statute books aren't they? Er....

Dr Acula-




Halfpap: An annual exam for hermaphrodites.

Has Gene Weingarten ever written a funny column? I haven't read one yet, and this one certainly ain't it. The only semi-funny stuff he has is stolen from Dave. Making up clever possible laws! What a scream! He's got me reaching for my alloted one square of toilet paper to clean up the mess.

Weingarten is a typical liberal elitist: He would fight to the death to protect a homeless person's right to live on the street but wouldn't lift a finger to help them get off of it.

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