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April 23, 2007


The hunt for the $68,000 owl.


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"Psssssssst! Hey, Owl Man.....I gut yer bird right heeeyah."


*kicks the bot to wake him up*

oh wait?? did you say shoes???

Sorry....I guess I forgot to close the Security Door.

Stoopid bot.

The Maltese Hooter?

*waves Hi to NT!! Tries to get Siouxie to stop hogging all the shoe samples....*

Ladies Ladies, lets not be too hasty! Our kind visitor is offering shoes on sale!!!

got any strappy sandals???

LOL fivver!!

*waves hi back*
*grabs particularly stupendous shoes and runs away*

Silly Kashmiris, I said Swallow... carrying a coconut!

That's almost $10,000 a pound, isn't it? Why wouldn't they pay $20,000 for the 2 pound owl?

"Kashmir" must mean "Texas" in Indian.

If these hunters are lucky enough to find a 6 pound 10 ounce owl, its feet and talons will likely be as big as a man's face. Good luck catching it.

On the other hand, no owl looks good in strappy sandals.

Can anyone find any more of those boots like Siouxie has? I reeeeally need a new pair.

*waves at fivver and the rest*

Maybe the man in question is Bob Brooks. He must have gone looking for a mascot for the now-defunct Hooters Air. (Motto: "The best care in the air!")

Oops. No, that's Midwest Airlines' motto.

*wonders if Midwest hired all the ex-Hooters hostesses stewardesses flight attendants.*

I will be happy to be mongering shoes in general from companies and usward! Please be contacting me for easy payment options for happy commercing!

Bethie - All your shoes are belong to ... ME!

Hey, DeskDiva, you can do anything that you wanna do, but don't be messin with my blue suede shoes! I am a shoe fetish sorta girl!

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