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April 23, 2007


Teacher Paid 14,000 Pounds for Falling Off Toilet


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Shouldn't that read "Teacher Weighed 14,000 Pounds, Fell Off Toilet - Couldn't get up. Crushes 4 yr old."

That's how I would've written it.


Soooooo...she sits on a kiddie toilet and falls off and sues??? It's HER fault.

breakfast gumball anyone??

*takes a red one*

Thanks, Siouxie!!

My favorite part (ha) is the teacher that was raped by a student had less compensation...

Punkin, you have a perverted sick wild active imagination! that's why I love you ;-)

NYC here we come!!

Yeeeeeee- haaaaaaaaah!

*Warns Dave*

Well, Duh! quote of the week:

People need to learn to look out for themselves and not expect others to pay when they don’t.

Hmmmm... No green gumballs left... I'll have a blue one, thanks.


Why fer are you warning Dave, Meanie??? hmmm???

*taps foot*

Anybody notice that the union that supported the teacher has the acronym NUT?

No? Me neither.


So Punkin AND Siouxie are coming to NYC for the RBR concert??

Wow - I better get my tickets soon!!

Looks like the kids are learning that they can sue when they are stupid and do something they shouldn't - or don't prevent someone else from doing something stupid. Just sayin'...Then again, I live in the NY metro area, where lawsuits for accidents are a way of life....

But if the toilet was tiny, it seems like she couldn't have fallen very far. I think she should fall off the one in the handicapped stall-they're much higher off the ground and she could probably rake in even more dough.

Maybe the helpful staff at her school should spread glue on the seat next time to help her stay on.

Where's my gumball?

earning the money 'was as easy as falling of a bog'...

*brit. slang warning*

sbelle!! get your ticket!! gonna be awesome meeting you and the rest of the crazies from up there.

Still trying to arrange something to do with the rugrat (although he is campaigning HARD to come along), but will ASAP, Siouxie.

I got mine, Siouxie!

*falls off toilet in excited anticipation*

wooooo hoooo!! Layzee!!

Don't sue the Blog! He'll kick us ALL out!

Sometimes while reading this blog I laugh so hard I fall out of my chair. I wonder what thats worth?

"spokesman for the NUT" pretty much says it all.

How can someone be raped by an 11 year old?

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