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April 23, 2007


(Thanks to Siouxie)


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Never seen that kind of book in my library.

a library in Arkansas? that's the joke, right?

Yay first! With reading the article!

NOTE: 'Lesbian Trauma' WBAGNFARB.

Sooooo... just to take this silly exercise to its logical conclusion, would the scam artist aggrieved parent in this case support a case where, say, a Wiccan sued a public library for having the Bible on its shelves? After all, "suffer not a witch to live" would have to cause some "sleepless nights," right?

Feh. There's a lawyer joke somewhere in there, too, I'm sure of it.

Why would a library have this book anyways? Who would go to a library for instructions for sex, of any kind?

ummmm..... teenage boys?

Teenage boys...
By pictures of naked women

Guess I just didn't know what to call it when I was a youth, huh?

Junior? Are you disturbing in there again??

"...the boys found the book while trying to locate books on military academies..."

When I was that age, thinking about lesbians caused me a lot of sleepless nights, too.

This book "has caused many sleepless nights in the house".

I think we can guess why the boys are awake, but smiling late at night....

Upon presentation of the evidence, the judge called a three-hour recess to 'examine' it.

*snork* @ philintexas for 'library in Arkansas.'

When I finally get around to writing a book, would somebody please make a big stink about it so it gets tons of publicity?

"Sleepless nights"? I'll BET they're having sleepless nights...

Considering how many guys seem to get turned on by girl-on-girl action, I cannot fathom the intention of this man.

Oh, right. CASH.

Yep, that's gonna scar them for life. I bet they will never be able to get those images out of their minds for the rest of their lives. It will be pure torture.

You wonder if the $20,000.00 was for treatment of sprained wrists?

"...the boys found the book while trying to locate books on military academies..."

Not according to any classification system I know.

darn that Dewey Decimal. I said "West Point," not "Wet Points!"

While at the library, he may want to borrow a dictionary and look up the subtle difference between 'disturbed' and 'exicted,' as he seems horribly confused.

And that 'sleepless nights' line...oh where to begin.

Kind of like the guy who sued 'Hustler' magazine for his CTS. DUH!!

ROFLMAO, Annie. SOOO much.

Well it is hard to sleep while one is masterbating.

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