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April 26, 2007


Gere's on the lam.

(Thanks to SW)


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I thought Gere was on the gerbil.

I thought the gerbil was in Gere.

transgressed all limits of vulgarity

Are you KIDDING me? I can think of (and have done) things that are...

Oops. Typing out loud again.

Hopefully NOT with a gerbil, Chris...

Snork @ Siouxie and DPC

Now cant India arrest a true criminal?

Ummmm....DPC? Please continue that thought train.... ;)

*pulls the dominatrix gear back out*

Addicted? That was well below the belt, so this will be, too.

*cracks whip*

*SMACKS* Addicted!!!

got me this time! I was preoccupied...

Siouxie you have made my day.

DD - you have continued it for me.

(Homer voice) mmMMmm, leather.

Well, at least Dicky Gere wasn't on the lamb... just sayin'

I must remember to hover, I must remember to hover, I must remember to hover, I must remember to hover, I must ..........................................

You should love leather...yer a Pirate, ain'tcha?


Please remind me why are we talking about Richard Gere?
Please change the channel, subject, whatever.
Oh look a rabbit being attacked by a hawk,
how very interesting...

Well, that was a major disappointment. Everybody knows that this was the real "Kissing Bandit".

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