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April 24, 2007


Says Sheryl "One Square" Crow.

(Thanks to Schadeboy)


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I still say butt-dwelling dung beetles are the answer.

I was only kidding too!

Let us know how that works out for ya, Chris...

For Sheryl, not me.
I've got an old phone book and a basket of corn cobs.

Gawd, I hope you're kidding, DPC!

Re: beetles, that is.

I have to say, though, that I saw An Inconvenient Truth this weekend and found it compelling.

Funny, Scott...I thought the same thing about Brokeback Mountain ;-P

and...I'm still not sure she was kidding...

Sure she was joking. Yep. Stick that finger in the air, Sheryl, and see which way the wind is blowing (I just hope you washed it first before you came out of the john).

Great Scott: do not say that out loud here. I have it on the utmost authority that many of them disagree completely with the overlong infomercial mockumentary film's premise and have proof to back it up, right CJ?

Also, I'll happily view the material of someone who puts his money where his mouth is....instead of being just exactly the kind of person his film warns people not to be. Practice whatcha preach, Mr. Gore!

*Passes DD a gumball*

*keeps one for himself*

I will refrain from ranting about global warming freaks here...

As I've said elsewhere, I do not care to be lectured about my "carbon footprint" by Sasquatch.

I don't care how good his image consultant is.

Hi, DD. I don't know Al Gore, nor do I know who your utmost authorities are but I have *other* sources, too. My dad's an oceanographer and worked with Roger Revelle. I have been following this for decades in conversation with my dad (my utmost authority though no one here knows him). He's not a preacher but he is a scientist that enjoys looking at all the data. On any particular item it's hard to "prove" the ties to human action but, on the whole, the data supports it.

As to saying anything, here, I expect that all these large (sexy) brains can look at the info and make up their own minds and act as consistently or inconsistently as they choose.

True dat, GreatScott. ;) Now, BACK TO THE SPANKINGS!

*hightails it back to the Python thread*

Watch that hightail, DD! You'll hurt someone. :-)

Sheryl Crow has obviously never changed a diaper.

Why, GreatScott - were you peeking?


I prefer not to have beetles replace my toiletpaper, thank you very much!

Just Kidding!

And, Diva, I save that sort of thing for the 'Forum' where points and counterpoints can be posted and evaluated independently. I do think Al Gore is an excellent subject for a Humor Blog.

*draws self up* Madam, I never peek! I watch unashamedly!

Oh! Well, then....

Except, of course, at work.

*crosses fingers*

Well, you must notice, in the photo, I'm peeking back.

*wink wink*

CJ!! once again I will...LMCAO!!!

Sio - LMCAO?

[pssst, she's a Cubana]

Laughing My Cuban @ss Off



And a lovely one, too.

... Cubana, yeah, that's what I meant.

Awww...thanks, Scott! gracias... ju arrre soooo esweet!

Watching two at once, Scott? You are talented....

Yep, and more, unless I get a crick in my neck!

*offers a hands-on, purely therapeutic massage*

But then I can't see!

Heh heh... You can if you're sittin' up...

I think it's time she eats Crow.
and while I'm at it, we should TP her house.
No comment on Rosie's "View".
don't even want to think about that!
I'm on a roll!

Miss Nemo - agree about the house TPing, only make it used.

.... and, BTW, welcome to The blog!

I was KIDDING people...really. All I wanna do is have some fun...I got a feeling a square sheet's for #1!

I knew you'd crumple in the end, "Sheryl".

*snork* @ suzy Crow!

You mean I've been limiting myself to one sheet all day and it was just a cruel joke??? Oh, the inhumanity!

*Wonders if I could talk tncguinn1 into a game of poker* ;)

Oh, come on. Did anyone really believe that she thought 1 square could do the job on America's butts?

And didn't you find it odd that she said one "square" while being on this tour with the wife of the writer of the "can't spare a square" Seinfeld episode?

Who says "square"? NOBODY. Everybody says "SHEET" of toilet paper, except for that Seinfeld episode, where they wanted to make it rhyme.

This is exactly why I hate liberal elites and their "do as I say not as I do" hypocrisy. From Al Bore and his $30,000/yr utility bill, to Cheryl Crow's 3 semis, 4 buses and six cars on tour, to Robert Kennedy's use of private jets to get to his venues to preach about global warming, to Rosie O'Donnell's anti gun crusade while she hires armed body guards.

What a bunch of Bozos.

lol, Al, 2nd post @4:03pm!!

Hey, have they told you yet that studies show the greatest contributor to global warming is the widespread worldwide use of the internet?

Give the girl a break. Please don't squeeze the Sheryl.

geez...what the heck was that?? *Eating"???

must. lay. off. the. vino.

Hey, pete! Bush was going to be the "environmental President", the "Education President", a "Compassionate Conservative", he wasn't going to be a "Nation Builder"

How's that going?

Actors/actresses and science mix about as well as politicians and science. Idgits.

I'm with Pete. It doesn't even matter what side of the aisle you're on; these celebs are embarrassments, one and all. The whole lot of them just needs to shut the hell up.

Actually, moonbeam, I suppose we would disagree on just about everything. So why start. I notice you can't defend the actions of your liberal heroes so you attack a Republican. I will tell you that as a conservative I don't always line up real well with Republicans, including GWB. As for "nation building". my son is in Afghanistan right now. I don't care to go there with a "the war is lost" liberal.

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