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April 25, 2007


(Thanks to DavCat14)


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When urine is outlawed, only outlaws will have...
Uh, Oh!

"Would you like something to drink with your couscous?"
"Uh, no..."

No justice, no p!ss!

Now, that is just nasty!

Some say that drinking urine is good for all that ails you. I just say depends™.


You can have my urine when you pry it from my cold dead...um...nevermind.

Really didn't want to have lunch today anyway.

...i was just thinking that they should bottle it and make hilarious commercials to sell it...

What would the commercial be like? I wonder......

fivver - you can skip eating and have a healthy beverage.

Or not.


And that was just for the Baron's link.

For shame, Baron!!!

Fantasy Cricket?

Why not just leave them? Darwin's princples would then take over right?

Oh, and EWWW, but that goes goes without saying.

Its said in Baron's link (yes, I read it before I could stop myself) that Britney is rubbling special herbal treatments into her scalp to help her hair grow. Wouldn't it be fun to e-mail her this article? The Cameroonian guy said it made his hair grow...

"What would the commercial be like? I wonder......"

1. a large sweaty man doing something manly while some "country legend" sings. cut to: several large sweaty men sitting and laughing as the sun sets taking large swigs from bottles of urine.

2. a slim young man wearing baggy clothes smiles while riding a skateboard or dancing, or both through crowded city streets. something like kid rock plays on the soundtrack. he grabs a bottle of urine off a street vendors cart while he passes, stuffing a bill in the vendors hand in the same motion. he winks at the vendor (who has enormous breasts) as he takes a big slug from the bottle.

3. a artificially endowed young lady wearing nothing but two bandaids and a guitar pick coos at the camera, "do you want to drink your urine, or mine?"

*SMACKS Baron again*

So this article doesn't even mention Bud or Bud lite. Curiouser and curiouser.

*continues to hold out for bottle of well aged Brunello*

Fine Italian wine or artificially endowed young lady wearing nothing but two bandaids and a guitar pick wizz.

Decisions, decisions.

jec666: Clearly, they are steering away from actual product endorsement.

If it didn't work the first time through, I don't think a second chance is in order.

Well, Siouxie and everyone else out there bleaching their eyes and brains, it is not that I didn't warn you that it was nasty.

That's your analysis.

*would SMACK Baron again but he likes it*

(love HIM in Boston Legal, btw LOL)

*Makes note to self never to kiss Sarah Miles*
Dodged a bullet there, I tell ya...

catman - that's your dialysis.

Yep, self-punishing crime.

*snork* at Scott.

Yes, DD, that was my little inner libertarian speaking up. :-)

Is that what you named it? ;)

*snork* at DD. Well, it was either that or "knee-jerk liberal" (but that has painful connotations).

Hahahahahaha.... ;)

Yay! I got a snork! It's so rare....

Post of the day to you, GreatScott.

(Now THAT's what you oughta name it!)

Nah, then I'd have to swagger. :-)

Heh, heh. You don't already? :^D

Moi? *bats eyelashes*

Maybe I meant "stagger".

"Rent-A-Mom, meet your new daughter: Wang Pingping."

Oops, wrong thread...how the heck did that happen?

Oops, wrong thread...how the heck did that happen?

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