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April 25, 2007



(Also thanks to DavCat14)


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Can I sign up to be a Rent-a-Dad? I could use some extra cash.

you mean i could pay someone to go to parent meetings for me!?! hell yeah, sign me up.

Mrs. Wang and her daughter Pingping...


I. shall. not. laugh.

oh, good idea chris! professional, eloquent, well mannered parents could hire someone, like, say ME, to embarrass their kids at school functions so that they'd truly appreciate their own family! it's brilliant! i'm going to be rich, rich I say!!

i think that the snot-nosed brat should get her a$$ kicked for being such a little shi!t. then make her go live with the 'rented mom'.

site blocked - can't read. . . someone help please

I think Opus the Penguin started this back in the 80's with "Dial-a-Mom".

Much as I would have loved to have a substitute mom at school meetings, it never would have worked. My mom was the "Art Goes to School" teacher for our county. Everyone at school knew my mom.

And Siouxie, wouldn't it be "Wang Pingping?"

I personally do not believe that you should raise your hand against your child (it leaves your midsection vulnerable to attack).

*thanks own mother, for 1)being cool and 2)not attending any of that stuff*

MOTW, some brat named PingPing (*snork) apparently paid someone else to attend school meetings as her "mom".

This was the case with a middle school student who disapproved of her mother's outfits so much that she hired a "mom" to attend her school's parents meeting.

Pingping and Yingying??? arent those the pandas??

Pingping and Yingying WBAGNFA couple of pandas.

Wang Pingping had a friend named Yingying. What was Yingying's aunt'd name? Lo Hung Dong, perhaps?

MOTW --> cye.

*that should have been aunt's*

Gleat minds think arike, queensbee.

*tosses another * up there*

Jemmy, I guess you're right....either way it's funny.

thank you, Blue!

wangwing..pingding..wrongdong...I'm confused

Thanks Jazz. Now you me playing 'The Name Game' with her name.

MOTW: Sum Yung Chik's own mom, Yu So Dum, was unacceptable in public, so Sum Yung Chik hired a friend's aunt, Who Yu Be, to pretend to be her mom for school functions.

Note: These names are not nearly as funny as the characters' real names.

LOL Mr. C!!

"There was no comment when asked how her relationship with her other daugher, Pongpong, was."

Remember the Chinese guy with amnesia ONLY about his wife?
"Who IS this woman?"

I have to side with the kid on this one. Mom was a booger.

YAY SCHADEBOY!!!! That was my exact first thought when I read the title of the article. :)

^5s Schadeboy.

WW - I'm not even a mom (yet) and I'm sooooo right there with ya.

DD - I'm so glad I'm not the only one who knows about Opus's odyssey to find his mother!

Well, I didn't go to any more of those mother's things when, dutring a "Salute to Mothers" day at my youngest's middle school, she read the description of her mom, which included taking naps as a hobby. It wouldn't have been so bad if the next kid's mother had not had kickboxing as one of hers.... Sigh. A day that lived in infamy....

LOL Kathy...kids say the darndest things!

Siouxie and K'Bear - Now you know why some species eat their young.

Oh, MAN,Schade! Bloom County is my all-time favorite comic strip. I so wanna marry a man just like Steve Dallas. ;)

Wow. You can outsource ANYTHING to the Chinese. Parents, you better start working on your quality - you'll never beat them on price.

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